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Causes of Bleeding During Pregnancy Comments & Discussion | Page 7

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Amelia Jan 22, 2012 02:38:08 PM ET

I had unprotected sex when i was ovulating on jan. 14. i am not suppose to start my period until january 28 but yesterday, january 21, i began to bleed a little but it is bright red. i am continuing to bleed today and cramping. can i still be pregnant?

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unknown Nov 23, 2011 10:25:11 AM ET

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and today i went pee and when i wiped there was a tiny light spot of blood. im not sure if i should call my doctor or if its normal.

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Mercedes Aug 14, 2011 05:15:11 PM ET

I am 27 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing bleeding throughout the past 3 almost 4 weeks of my pregnancy. the bleeding started when i was 23 weeks pregnant. it always occurs randomly i never know before i start bleeding. it is very bright red and sometimes it is heavy and sometimes it is light. at first it only occurred when i would go to the bathroom but now i can get up to go the bathroom and my underwear will be covered in blood. i have been to the hospital and the doctors office many times over this and they can not figure out why it is happening or where it is coming from. it is very scary. the last time it happened was yesterday night and i started passing blood clots along with the bleeding. they kept me overnight at the hospital but still could not figure it out.

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sammy Aug 17, 2010 06:08:44 PM ET

From six weeks been pregnant ive bled and lost clots some big clots and heavy bleeding im now 20 weeks still the same and havent got the right answer yet from any medical person plus ive still got my coil in whats going on anyone know please or been in same position as me thanks.

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