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You are here: Home > Toddlers > Correcting Toddler Behavior - Biting, Hitting, & Throwing > Comments

Correcting Toddler Behavior - Biting, Hitting, & Throwing Comments & Discussion | Page 4

56 Comments | Ask a Question or Post Comment

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sam Nov 12, 2011 08:45:48 AM ET

My 3 yr old has recently started nursery and in his first week he kept hitting other children his teacher has said that he has calmed right down with only a few minor incidents but there is one child that he keeps hitting and grabbing i dont undersatnd why he has a problem with this one girl, he also has delayed speech, the girls mother has told me that are children are not allowed any contact in school and out what can i do as i do explain that it is wrong and not nice and i also do time outs please help.

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LeAnne Aug 26, 2011 01:56:18 PM ET

I'm glad to see that other moms are having the same problems with biting, hitting and throwing things. i felt so alone, but now i know it's normal. i can't wait until she grows out of this!

Guest Mar 28, 2014 08:29:45 PM ET

How will they grow out of it if you let them get away with it? terrible twos will turn to terrible 16s with this article.

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marie Mar 3, 2011 09:46:44 AM ET

I'm a mom to a three year old who bites other kids in school , i have been trying to correct his behavior however a parent has been coming up to me being very threating . she even told her five year old to punch my three year old . i don't condemn my sons behavior however this parent is taking things to far how can i deal with this in a positive way .

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candy Feb 9, 2011 03:52:47 AM ET

Thanks for this article. will try it at home. never had problems with my daughter hitting and throwing things until a few months after starting nursery. i didn't know how to tell her not to do those things she some of her schoolmates do without labelling them as bad or undisciplined. :-0 ... hope this works.

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angie Nov 19, 2010 04:01:55 PM ET

My 3 year old he goes to preschool, he hits other kids, he wont do the activities from school he bite his fingers and pick his nose, but he loves school ? should i take him out from school?

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Witness Nov 9, 2010 07:23:29 AM ET

My son is now 3 years everyday when i collect him at school i always get a report that he bites others, at home i do hit him when he does that, i really don't kbow what to do now.

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Winnie Nov 3, 2010 12:29:56 PM ET

I'm a 2 yr old teacher and i'm glad to see this article. i often have to let parents know that this is 2yr old behaviors. i agree that these situations have to be met head on but not with frustration we must model good behavior and help 2 yr olds understand their emotions and work through this! great job on the article! i have 12 2yr olds in my class and trust me everyone of them are exhibiting forms of these behaviors. you just have to relax and realize it is temporary and they will get through it if you use positive behavior approaches!!

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Amanda Sep 25, 2010 11:29:25 PM ET

Thank goodness i have found something that is not only rational but makes sense. i have twins a boy and a girl. my daughter is very calm but takes a beating from her brother, however, my daughter throws tantrums like no one's business. my son bites - hits - pushes and pulls her hair. he lashes out at me as well. i have been very concerned about this for what seems to be forever. they are both 2 years old and at times - i feel very beside myself. i'm glad i'm not the only one going through this and i am happy to know such articles are available. i'm still happy to follow up with our family doctor and still open to any workshops and other online correspondence available.

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Kelly Aug 14, 2010 09:58:53 AM ET

Yes, i would def. ask the daycare provider what happened to your little girl! i used to work at an in home daycare and as a parent, you have every right to know of any negative behavior going on that has an impact on your child. ask, and show the mark on your daughter and explain that you should've been told about it and you will not tolerate your child being mistreated or bullied, or worse, ignored by the caretaker!

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Bree Aug 8, 2010 05:32:11 PM ET

My daughter is almost 2 and goes to a dayhome. the lady that runs it takes good care of my daughter, my concern is that she ocassionally looks after this girl who is 2 mths older and she is a biter. i picked up my daughter one day after the biter was there and noticed later that night a bruise on my daughters back in the shape of a bite, should i approach the mother of the biter or do i just let it slide. it upsets me but i don't know if i need to make a big deal of this or not... btw this is not the first time she has been bit by this other girl.

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