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Pregnancy Weight Gain Recommendations & Guidelines Comments & Discussion

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Karuna Jan 23, 2017 05:37:13 AM ET

I am 25. what should my weight during last stage be?

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Neaveh Aug 25, 2016 02:13:51 AM ET

I'm 2 weeks and i've gained 30 pounds. but i haven't eaten more than i would have not being pregnant.

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shell Mar 5, 2015 11:31:44 PM ET

I'm 13 weeks and weigh 94. is that bad because i'm really worried about my weight.

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Guest Nov 13, 2013 09:32:10 PM ET

I'm overweight at the beginning of my pregnancy i weighed 239 and now at 12 weeks i'm at 110, and i'm kinda freaking out, i'm never hungry i have to force myself to eat a little something but most of the time it comes right back up.

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chelsea Jun 11, 2013 03:40:16 PM ET

Im i weigh 133 in my weight before preg was/110 lb im 5/5 it says.i gained.23 my stomach.still looks.smal im scared my babyboy is gonna be a premie. is my weight gain the right amount for my size?

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Abby C. Sep 26, 2012 01:51:06 PM ET

Im 27 weeks pregnant and only gained 8 lbs at 5'0. i'm underweight and need to gain more. my doctor told me it's perfectly normal because of the way i'm built.

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Brit Sep 24, 2012 07:20:28 AM ET

The calculator is telling me i have gained too much already at 25 weeks but my doctor tells me i'm fine and i feel fine! also, my weight gain has been very gradual and does not seem to be picking up the that weird? maybe. i have a hard time believing my doctor wouldn't give me advice if i was being unhealthy. i even asked- and admitted i'm not eating as healthily as i could be/ think i should be and she told me not to worry because they check my weight every visit and i am pregnant so should listen to my body (i have not had any strange cravings either...which studies are estimating is a good thing because you are getting all you need.)

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Ana Mar 27, 2012 07:25:14 AM ET

Hi this is my first pregnancy i'm 27 weeks pregnant and i gained 22 pounds according with this calculator i'm overweight for four pounds how can stay at my goal not to gained more than what is normal that is 25 to 35 pounds

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sammy Aug 21, 2011 05:03:37 AM ET

I'm turning 24 weeks on tuesday, and i already gain 20 lbs. i'm over 4 lbs and i would love to reach mu goal of only 35 lbs by the end of my prengnancy.

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Dominique Mar 1, 2011 03:25:15 AM ET

My starting weight was 130 at 5'4''. i have gained ten pounds and iam 23 weeks. this calculator tells me i am under but i feel like a blimp now.with my second one i refuse to gain like i did with my first (35 pounds). nice to know i am on the right track there is hope for my 120pd come back lol.

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