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Fetal Development Video Comments & Discussion | Page 9

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Gabi May 16, 2010 06:13:51 PM ET

I'm soooo excited! i'm due nov. 2nd. and, find out in about 3 weeks, what it is. thanks for putting the baby in the end, actually look like a newborn. :)

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sufo May 14, 2010 12:05:20 AM ET

I really liked this video.thx for everyone who maked this video.

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Christina May 10, 2010 08:09:25 AM ET

This video brings be tears a joy. we have having #4, this is our first girl! praise the lord for such wonderful gifts.

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RENAE Apr 23, 2010 11:27:11 PM ET

I am 6 mouths cant wait to see wat i am having

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Mpho Apr 23, 2010 06:52:09 AM ET

I'm 6 weeks and it's my first time.happiest girl on earth.

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brittnay Apr 15, 2010 03:08:28 PM ET

Im on 4month im little scared but i cant wait till i found out what im havein

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Joo Apr 11, 2010 10:54:54 PM ET

I wish i will get pregnant in next 3 months and able to carry a healthy baby all the way to end, 9 months & 10 days. may god hear our pray!!

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PF Apr 9, 2010 01:18:14 AM ET

Wow, this is a great video. it gave me goose bumps and it touched me at the same time. it must be the hormones, but it is truly beautiful.

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Nova Apr 2, 2010 12:10:10 AM ET

I am pregnant with #6, one is in heaven. i realize what a perfect miracle it is to conceive, carry, and birth a healthy child. even for the one i lost, i am grateful that i was able to conceive. that little girl we called angel joy had the opportunity to by-pass all the pain of this world and go straight to be with our heavenly father. she is walking in complete peace and worshipping our creator. life is such a gift, even when they have slipped away too soon for us. i still miss her after 8 years and almost 5 children later even though i only carried her for 5 weeks. i just can't fathom that we are killing babies all across america at the rate of over a million per year. i pray that our hearts would not be so hard to continue to allow the slaughtering of our unborn babies in america.

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Aurie Mar 29, 2010 05:19:41 PM ET

Oh wow. now i'm even more scared. i have a big responsibility on my hands. and i'm only 7 weeks along!

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