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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion

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Tia Oct 20, 2014 04:48:27 PM ET

I had cramping 1 week before my period, and it came on time last month, but it lasted two days. then, i just had the clear pinkish discharge for 2 days and cramped for the rest of the week. this month, my period is 4 days late and i've had headaches almost all the time. i've been feeling sick, but only a bit, plus i'm experiencing stomach cramps stronger than my period pains, but still no blood. could i be pregnant?

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spanky2807 Oct 13, 2014 01:07:22 AM ET

I have been feeling a lot of these symptoms. but, i am not sure when my period is due, and i'm not really sure when to take a pregnancy test. i have never been pregnant before. i don't know what to even do. can anyone help me?

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Guest Oct 8, 2014 01:29:09 AM ET

1 week and 2 days missed period. i'm having slight cramping, breast soreness, and i noticed a yellow creamy (cm), but its not sticky when i put my thumb and index finger. i use pantyliner everyday. is this an early sign of pregnancy? please advise me. thank you!

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cynthia Oct 7, 2014 02:05:24 PM ET

I got my tubes tied 10 months ago during my c-section. i missed my period last month. i spotted brown for a week, and now nothing. i'm not having any pain, but have been been having mild headaches and i've been really tired. i took a pregnancy test and it said negative. what could it be?

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Guest Oct 7, 2014 07:07:35 AM ET

I have been having light bleeding for the last week and a half. it has been a brown like color. can anyone help me figure out what this could be?

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yacky Oct 6, 2014 07:18:36 PM ET

I'm late for my period. it's been six days now. i had a little spotting, which is not normal for me, but have had headaches and a nauseous feeling; in the car especially. i have two children already, but never had these symptoms. am i pregnant or just having an irregular cycle this month? i'm confused. please help.

karla Oct 20, 2014 08:05:33 AM ET

It has been 3 days since i missed my period, and i get really nauseous when i'm in the car too. i haven't spotted and i'm freaking out. i'm 17 years old and i don't want to tell my boyfriend, until i'm 100% sure. i'm scared.

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kizzie Oct 4, 2014 05:25:28 PM ET

I had my tubes tied 8 years ago. my period was two days late, and on the third day it came on heavy. what is going on?

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Selina Oct 2, 2014 06:21:47 AM ET

My nipples are sore and tender, and i just had my period almost 2 weeks ago. what does this mean?

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Yasaida Sep 30, 2014 02:50:35 PM ET

Today i'm supposed to get my period. as we all know its the last day of this month. and still no period. could i be pregnant?

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carissa the worried Sep 29, 2014 06:16:14 PM ET

I'm worried that i'm preggers because i'm 25 days late. i'm so afraid that i can't bear the thought of taking a test. oh my. *sigh*

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