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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion

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megan Sep 10, 2018 11:55:39 AM ET

I had a period on july 8th. it was a 5 day cycle. haven't had another period. what could this mean? i'm worried.

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kelley hudzik Aug 31, 2018 01:39:35 AM ET

Back in june, i had 2 periods in one month, had unprotected sex that month and took 2 pregnancy blood tests that came back negative. i've missed 2 periods. could i be pregnant?

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Felicia Aug 25, 2018 07:13:53 AM ET

I had my period, it lasted 3 days. had no cramping and no bloating at all. i spotted a few days after that and it stopped. now, i have headaches off and on. could i be pregnant? i passed blood clots during the 1st 2 days and 3rd day it eased up and went to spotting off and on.

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Ayla Jul 21, 2018 01:20:23 AM ET

I was supposed to start my period july 7th, it's now july 20th. i've had migraine headaches, nauseousness, throwing up, dizziness, frequent urination, pain in my stomach, cravings, sore breasts. but, i took a test about 3 days ago and got a negative. 10 days left in the month. do you guys think i'm pregnant? if so, i hope, any suggestions.

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Taylor Jul 14, 2018 05:08:58 AM ET

I have not had my period since june 8 and i only had my period for 1 day, and it's july 14 and i have a lot of headaches. please help?

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Jennifer Jun 20, 2018 04:48:44 PM ET

My period is normally 28 to 31 day cycle. in the month of may, i started a few days earlier then my expected. my period only lasted 3 days, not enough to fill a pad. i have had headaches. i've been hot a lot and now i am 3 days late for june.

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Lucille Jun 16, 2018 06:05:56 PM ET

Had my last period in may 8 and it's now june 17. i still haven't seen my period for this month. what could be the problem???

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Ashley Jun 14, 2018 02:25:40 AM ET

Today i'm supposed to get my period and i haven't yet. this isn't normal for me.. i normally start before my period date and yesterday i got really nauseous and just felt horrible.

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T Jun 12, 2018 10:50:07 AM ET

I have been cramping since june 1. having headache and nausea. i'm not suppose to get my cycle until tomorrow. could i be pregnant? i haven't been having a appetite either.

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Carrie Jun 11, 2018 12:14:28 PM ET

I had my period in may the 13th and now it's june 11th. i still haven't had my period. don't know what to do. i took a pregnancy test, one had a line and the rest were negative.

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