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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion

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carissa the worried Sep 29, 2014 06:16:14 PM ET

I'm worried that i'm preggers because i'm 25 days late. i'm so afraid that i can't bear the thought of taking a test. oh my. *sigh*

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Butterfly Sep 28, 2014 06:14:34 PM ET

Hi. i am 2 days passed my period date. i have had headaches the last past week. i really just noticed them last week, and i also noticed that i am going to the bathroom a lot more. i have had a few dizzy spells while at work, and have also felt like i wanted to vomit sometimes, gagging almost. i really didn't think much of these signs until i realized i'm two days late, my back hurts, and my nipples are a little tender. i also had my period twice in august, once at the beginning being august 1, and then again towards the end being august 29. i have two children already, but never really noticed any of these symptoms with them in the beginning, except for maybe the frequent urination. my kids are teen and preteen now, so it has been a while. i'm just wondering, could i possibly be pregnant?

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Gemma Sep 28, 2014 01:36:01 PM ET

Hi all. i had my last period about 2-3 weeks ago, and it only lasted 2 days. i've had blood pregnancy tests, and they have all come back negative. i've been having cramps which feel similar to period pains, hot and cold flashes, heart burn, sickness, and headaches. could it be to early to tell? i'm so confused :( i've never been pregnant before.

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Robyn Sep 24, 2014 08:36:27 AM ET

I am 8 days late on my period. i'm having slight cramping, but no other signs of pregnancy. could i be pregnant?

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Tayyyylor Sep 22, 2014 09:37:44 AM ET

Hello ladies! so my fiance and i have not been preventing getting pregnant for awhile now, but every month for the past 4 years we've been together, i've been super regular! my period will either start on the exact date, the day before or the day after. i always know it's coming, because i will start cramping, my nipples will get super sore etc. well i am now 20 days late! i've taken 2 tests back to back (one in the afternoon and one the next morning) and they were both negative. i have no signs or symptoms of my period coming that i usually have either. but, this morning when i got up and used the restroom i noticed some super light brown spotting when i wiped, but nothing else. could i be pregnant? or is this just a really late and rare period!? i'm lost. i did contact my doctor and she said if i miss another period and i test again and it's still negative then i need to come in and see her.

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Guest Sep 21, 2014 07:53:58 AM ET

Hi, i need help. i was due for my period on friday 19th sept, and i started bleeding 3 days after i was due. the bleeding was slightly heavy and bright red. i have slight cramping on and off, lightheaded, and i also have been feeling sick. my boobs are a little sore, and i get tired a lot. i need to pee more often and my sense of smell has gotten stronger. i don't know if it's my period, or if i am pregnant, but i keep getting negative test.

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Alline Sep 21, 2014 01:57:18 AM ET

I had my period in august and september, and i'm not supposed to start until october fourth. i'm bleeding a little. i have been going to the bathroom a lot, and i been cramping. i been tired. are these early signs of pregnancy?

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tash Sep 15, 2014 10:48:35 AM ET

Hi. i have had 3 days of spotting, 4 days after my ovulation finished and 11 days before my period was due. i was due on the 13th and still haven't started my period. i have done 2 hpt. one was inconclusive, and one was negative (same brand). what are the chances of me being pregnant?

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tessy Sep 14, 2014 12:06:20 PM ET

I had implantation bleeding a week before my period. it was spotting brown, and today is my expected period. i'm still having light bleeding. what might be the cause?

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Heather Sep 13, 2014 06:27:42 PM ET

I had a miscarriage on june 14th and bled for 5 weeks, maybe a little more. i think i had my first period on august 2nd, and that it lasted until august 8th. i had sex on the 16th and the 24th of august, but had another period on the 28th. i started cramping on the 26th. i felt like it would be really heavy. it started out light and fairly orange, then it got heavier on the 30th with bad cramps. now i am cramping again, tender breasts, always turned on, and nauseous for a few days since the 10th of september. it is the 13th now and my cramping is mild, nausea is gone today, but have tender breasts still. my period ended only 8 days ago? what is going on?

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