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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion | Page 13

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Sky Feb 14, 2015 02:35:12 AM ET

Hi guys, i need help! can someone answer my question? i had unprotected sex while i was on my period, and 21 days after i've noticed some spotting. plus, i'm so tired all the time, and i get cramps. :( is this a 70% chance i'm pregnant?

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shelley Feb 13, 2015 07:59:29 PM ET

I had my last period on the 27th of december 2014, and haven't had a period since, and all the tests are negative. can anyone help?

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Rockstar Feb 13, 2015 07:40:51 PM ET

I had my last period on jan 12th. i had sex on jan 21st and haven't started my period yet? is there a chance that i could be pregnant?

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Princess Feb 12, 2015 04:55:52 AM ET

Hi. i'm just wondering if anyone can help me? i had my last period at the beginning of january 2014, and i haven't had one yet this month. i'm constantly going to the loo, and i'm more tired than normal. i have taken a pregnancy test, but i'm wondering whether it's to early. i don't know what to do.

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Terri Feb 11, 2015 04:49:33 PM ET

My last period was on the 7th of jan. i ovulated on the 17th and 22nd, and i had sex on 18th. i was due for my period on the 31st to the 4th of feb, and it didn't show. i had a 1 day bleed on the 6th, but not normal heavy flow or clotting like i normally do. i then had 1 positive pregnancy test on the 9th, followed by two negative tests later that night. i'm so confused right now.

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yenna Feb 11, 2015 02:50:51 PM ET

I just had my period on jan 24, two days late. i was supposed to start on the 20th, and today i started spotting light pink blood, but i only see it when i wipe. sometimes, it's heavy and then lightens up again. but, i am not due for my period for another eight to ten days.

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tabitha Feb 6, 2015 10:39:10 PM ET

I haven't had a period since the 3rd of december 2014. i have had sex with my husband almost every night, and have not had a period. it's feb 6th, and i got a negative preggo test. i'm in need of some help please.

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Mbali Feb 6, 2015 09:27:03 AM ET

For the past three months, we have been practicing safe sex. i had my period on the 13th of january and again on jan 26th. i had no cramps like i usually do, but this time my periods were very light. i'm peeing constantly, and i have gained weight. could i be pregnant?

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Shy Feb 5, 2015 09:30:38 PM ET

I had a period on dec 29, 2014 and it ended jan 3, 2015. it's now feb 5, 2015. i haven't received my periods yet for the month of february. i took a pregnancy test, and it was negative. i am pregnant. please someone help me.

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ayesha Feb 5, 2015 05:07:37 PM ET

I got my last period on the 31st of december 2015. it finished on 6th of january. i had sex on the 16th of january. from the 31st of january, i've been getting spots of blood. my expected date of period was the 31st of january. i had a pregnancy test on the 26th of january through urine, and it was negative.

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