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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion | Page 40

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Candygirl12 Dec 8, 2012 10:19:49 AM ET

Ah week before my period i'm having cramps and bloating and sore boobs this has never happen to me before normally the day before my period but never a week

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Nita Dec 4, 2012 11:43:56 PM ET

Okay i had unprotected sex with my fiance on fridayand then on sunday i went to the bathroom and when i went to wipe myself i noticed light bleeding on the tissue. today is now tuesday and my bleeding is still light and i feel like bubbles are popping in my stomach. can anyone help me with what this might be.

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Lisa Dec 4, 2012 12:21:51 PM ET

My daughter is 16. she is on the pill. she has missed her last 3 periods. her bf doesn't use a condom. she complains of sore breasts and often she is has an upset stomach but no vomitting. she took a pregnancy test a couple days ago and it was negative. could she be pregnant or what else could be going on?

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mattie Dec 2, 2012 05:00:15 PM ET

Pamela that is def a bladder ifection start drinking cranberry juice and go to the doctor now

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Starr Dec 1, 2012 01:12:30 AM ET

Okay so i had my period at the very beginning of the month nd throughout the month i have had a lot of sex with my child's father ( only partner ) nd now as of today i have been to the ladies room more then 20 times nd outta 20 at least 3 times ihad very very light pink spotting only when i wipe i have the biggest headache ever ifeel like i have to throw up ijust keep spitting my stomach has butterflies nd sharp pain at times nd i kept dosing off at work today , plz dnt tell me i'm pregnant !

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Cinda Dec 1, 2012 12:02:21 AM ET

I had sex two days ago and i feel bloated and gasy and keep on using the rest room my belly hurt on top bad my lower back hurts on the right what does that mean

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liz Nov 29, 2012 09:51:11 AM ET

Hello i'm 2 weeks late n spotting lite pink i'm scare to check i'm pg......

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pamela Nov 29, 2012 02:31:29 AM ET

Hey, ive had sex a few times and ive been fine. i woke up this morning and ive got a sore belly, and pains inside my belly. so i went to pee and that was fine then i felt i needed to pee again, but i couldn't pee and when i wiped there was like really faint blood. but there is no blood on my pants. so i went back to bed and my belly was still sore. so i sat on the toilet and finally done a poo but i couldn't pee. i think i might have a bladder infection but im not sure. help me? only 17.

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sinead Nov 27, 2012 04:32:12 PM ET

Any of you lovely ladies find out your pregnant? im only 13 days past ovulation i am 2 days late on my period as of tomorrow, and me and my husband have been ttc, but i have had a neg test yesterday :( but my cycles are always right on time!

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Kat Nov 27, 2012 11:16:21 AM ET

My last period was october 3rd, and i had intercourse on the 20th, my periods have been somewhat normal for the past couple months, so my never period was supposed to be november 18th but it never came, and i figured no big deal they have been a little late before, but today i am 10 days late, although i did have bleeding on november 25th my 8th day being late but it was really light, and did not last all day, and same with the 26th again a little bleeding but nothing like my normal period. could i be pregnant? also i'm feeling a lot more tired even though i may not do anything all day, i'm not sure if this would have anything to do with possibly being pregnant but when i eat, i find that i'm getting hungry only a couple hours later even though i just had a big meal.

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