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8 Signs You May Be Pregnant Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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Tay Feb 6, 2018 12:51:46 AM ET

I came on my menstrual dec 31. i had sex, yeah gross, i stayed on for only 3-4 days and had sex jan 1 as well and just a lot of sex through out jan but no menstrual cycle jan 31. now here it is, the 5 of february.

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Sammy Feb 2, 2018 10:51:07 AM ET

I have had my period since december 2nd and it came again on december 30th and i have not had any since january. is it possible i can be pregnant? now it's 2nd of feb.

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Kerry Feb 1, 2018 06:21:42 AM ET

Hi, i had sex on the 8th, a day before ovulation and now i'm two days late. i've had cramps, no spotting, can't sleep properly but, feel really tired and nauseous. could i be pregnant?

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Ada Jan 31, 2018 10:14:34 AM ET

I saw my period 3 jan 2018. i had sex 15,17. when is implantation supposed to take place? my period is supposed to be 3/2/2018. i feel so sad to see some blood coming out . can i still be pregnant? please, i need someone to talk to me.

Joepee Feb 27, 2018 01:46:42 AM ET

My own situation is almost the same wit urs, cos the last time i saw my period was 4th january and is february 27today but no sign, due i have been going thru this strange signs, such as neosea, constipation, dislikes fof other foods and smell, breast increase and black nipples etc. i use test trip twice and it was positive but after going to hospital for proper confirmation they discovered it was negative. am confused here, please someone should help explain this to me

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Camia Jan 30, 2018 08:20:46 PM ET

Ok ladies, i had my period on the 28 of nov that only lasted 3 days. no heavy flow. and then had one on the 22 of december that lasted 3 days too . now here it is the 30 of january and i still haven't came on at all . i got tenderness in my breast but, i also don't want to get my hopes up at all.

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Jean-marii Jan 30, 2018 08:08:51 AM ET

I had sex 28 october 2017. then i got my period 25 november 1, december, but it's now 30 january 2018 and i didn't get my period yet. can i be pregnant?

Guest Jan 31, 2018 02:27:39 PM ET

If anyone answered, please let me know, i have the same case.

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Appolonia opara Jan 25, 2018 07:52:18 AM ET

I saw my period on 6th of january with a 28 days cycle, which lasted for four days. my problem now is that i have been having this fever plus headache and every smell of food irritated me. so i don't know if i am pregnant and also scared of taking any drugs but this headache is much. please advise me and god bless you.

Adriane v Feb 9, 2018 02:22:05 PM ET

What ever happened? i have a similar issue.

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Zoomzoom Jan 21, 2018 12:38:05 PM ET

Had sex with my hubby on 8th of jan 2018, saw my period on the 12th, and 13th. it stopped except for a very dry brownish and dark blood which is unusual because my flow is usually for 6 days. then my tiredness started on the 19th jan and a heavy hunger pang, so much that i couldn't stand while eating except to lie down. later heaviness and pain on the left lower abdomen and cravings. only have body temperature at night and insomnia. can hardly get up from bed and immediately demand for food. i'm supposed to ovulate 12-13 but my temp is not elevated. scared to go to the hospital . i don't want to see negative but i don't want to keep my hopes high neither. i'm ttc.

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Raf Jan 19, 2018 12:08:51 PM ET

I am looking for some answers. haven't been preggers before. my symptoms are: headache, hip, bone pain, felt like something is inside on left lower side, heaviness in chest , and my cycle is a 28 day cycle. and i got on 23rd dec 2017 but, after we had se* i felt headaches and white tissue kind of thing in urine, although no irritation in that area like i was thinking. maybe i get uti.

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Christina Jan 17, 2018 09:52:37 PM ET

I had my period oct 16, 17. nov had spot. dec had no period. jan had 1 day bleeding. i haven't been eating at that much. i have headaches, and feel like vomiting. when i take pregnancy test it says negative. so, am i pregnant?

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