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Your Baby Shower Guest List

Katlyn Joy |28, July 2010


Your Baby Shower Guest List

One of the perks of pregnancy is the baby shower. Having a gathering of friends and family, celebrating the new little one with adorable outfits and baby gear is a special memory for expectant parents.

The host of your baby shower will want a list of people to invite. To decide on a list, first find out how many guests can be accommodated. Where is the shower being held-someone's home or at a church or a hall? Is this the only baby shower being held for you or are there a couple in the works? If coworkers are planning one, and another is being held by family and friends you won't want to duplicate guest lists.

Another consideration today is whether this shower is a ladies only shower, or a couples' event attended by both male and female friends and both parents. While older relatives might not be familiar with this new trend, it's actually become a fairly common occurrence.

If the shower is a co-ed affair, you and your partner will need to work on a list together, first identifying couple friends then you each make a list of individual friends.

Think in terms of groupings. Relatives should be on one list. Then coworkers. Other categories include neighbors, friends of the couple, friends of the mother and friends of the father. Put those names together and see how close you are to the target cut-off number.

If the list needs whittled down, work together to think of those who are unlikely to attend, perhaps due to distance or other commitments. Are there people who just aren't likely to be comfortable because they don't know anyone else on the list?

A special consideration needs to be given to women who have recently miscarried, or are having a difficult time conceiving and may not be up to attending a baby shower at this time. Instead of just assuming they won't want to attend, have a sensitive private conversation asking how they feel about the situation and if they would like to come or would rather not.

If the list is way beyond the target number, consider breaking it up into two showers, if you can count on someone to run the second shower. Don't overwhelm your host or hostess with an out of control guest list. Remember, they are most likely footing the bill with little or no assistance, and have to pay for decorations and refreshments. If you think it may be a strain, offer to help with something. Or consider a potluck shower. Take some burden off the hostess if you can.

When working on the guest list, it's normal to forget someone. Or to have a mother or aunt remind you of someone you absolutely should not leave out, but you purposely decided to leave out for reasons all your own. These can be sticky situations, but let people know you didn't mean to hurt feelings. Make amends with a small gathering at home later if necessary.

A baby shower is not supposed to be a tortuous exercise, so try to keep it simple and fun if you can.

Katlyn Joy is a freelance writer, and just graduated with a Master's of Arts in Creative Writing. She is mom to seven children, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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eldelmeuronee Dec 7, 2012 03:20:01 PM ET

Cool,googd idea.

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