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Easy to Make Toddler Halloween Costumes

by Katlyn Joy | October 7, 2010 12:00 AM0 Comments
Easy to Make Toddler Halloween Costumes

Toddlers are excited about Halloween. What could be better than dressing up in a costume? Getting candy for your trouble! However, toddlers are also developing some strong likes and dislikes so always give them a choice between two or three costumes. Nothing is worse than spending time crafting an adorable spaceman costume only to hear shrieks of "I wanna be a dinosaur! I wanna be a dinosaur!"

Besides the emotional side, also keep in mind than toddler tend to trip and fall easily, so don't contribute to the natural tendency with costumes with parts that tangle or drag. Additionally, anything that impairs vision or might tempt the toddler to chew is a no-no.

Many great and easy toddler costumes can be crafted from the basic sweat shirt and sweat pants. Sometimes the hooded variety of sweat shirt is especially conducive to costume-making.

Cow. Get a sweat set in white, and attach black cow splotches, some felt cow ears, and an over-sized cow bell. Final touches of hay attached to the outside of the treat bag and a swishy cow-tail will make this adorable.

Bunny. Again, sweats in a bunny tone, girls may prefer a pale pink. Add a powder puff tale, long bunny ears fashioned from stuffed pink knee socks, and face paint for a bunny nose and whiskers. Decorate the treat bag to resemble a big carrot.

Ballerina. Pastel sweats with a sweet little tutu and ballet slippers make an easy and cute toddler Halloween costume. Your daughter will probably like some sparkly accessories such as make up or headbands.

Mad Scientist. Find a white jacket or button down shirt, and trim it out to appear to be a lab coat complete with pencil protector and an Mad Scientist Labs ID with your child's photo and name. Smudge charcoal colored face paint or eyeshadow on the cheeks, and muss your lil scientist's hair with some gel to look like they've had a minor explosion. For an extra fun touch, get some safety goggles to keep on top of the head.

Ninja. A simple black sweatsuit, a black hood and a toy sword and you're all set. Your little ninja can supply the action, no worries.

Magician. A top hat, cheesy mustache, stuffed bunny, magic wand with a black cape over a white sweatshirt and black sweat pants and abracadabra! You've got an adorable toddler Halloween costume.

Kitten/Skunk. A black set of sweats with face painted whiskers and kitty nose, tail and ears attached to hood or headband makes a kitty, add a nice wide white stripe and you've got a cute little stinker.

Angel. Wear white sweats with a white skirt or even a makeshift dress from an old white sheet made heavenly with glittery decorations, wings and halo. The wings can be picked up at a dollar store, or fashioned from cardboard. The halo can attach to a headband, or simply be some Christmas tinsel attached by barrettes. Pink rouge on the cheeks can complete the cherubic look.

Pirate. Black pants, white shirt, red bandana, eye patch, optional parrot on the shoulder, boots, and gold earring (non-choking sized) will make a great pirate costume quick and easy, just add a pirate hat.

Princess. Adorn any pastel or white sweatsuit with a tutu or any fancy fabric formed into a skirt. Add a crown, made from cardboard or craft foam and bejeweled with beads, sequin and glitter. Add a scepter which may be a simple paper towel roll decorated with princess bling. You might add a cape for a chilly night.

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