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What is Ovulation Spotting? Comments & Discussion | Page 13

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ella Apr 14, 2013 06:38:59 AM ET

Yesterday i had some spotting and again today. i am on my most fertile days of the month. at 31 years old i have never experienced this before. my husband and i have been trying to conceive for 4 years and are due to start ivf this month. from reading this website and all the comments it gives me a little bit of hope. best get cracking! fingers crossed!

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Stacey Apr 8, 2013 07:13:04 PM ET

I think i've just started to get ovulation bleeding. i am 26.5 years old and this was the second time this has occurred. is it normal to have this start 13 years after starting menstruation? all the symptoms are spot on, despite my period/ovulation tracker (ovulation is later)

Kris Apr 17, 2013 10:57:28 PM ET

I started to get ovulation bleeding when i was 26 also im 28 now & still have gotten it for a few days every month. it's more bleeding/spotting than light spotting tho. my doctor said its normal, also what i've read has said it can happen. of say to just see of its a consistent thing ur body probably decided to react differently to ovulation and i wouldn't worry about it!

Guest Apr 17, 2013 11:03:27 PM ET

Sorry for the typos (auto correct on my phone). my fiancé and i started ttc and my ovulation bleeding i normally get didnt come. making me think that the ovulation bleeding i had was normal, and... that maybe our efforts accomplished something. we'll see, but again like u i never had ovulation bleeding until a little over a year ago and it might just be your new norm too. and also from what i've read, ovulation bleeding can be a sign of high fertility just fyi..

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Guest Apr 4, 2013 07:21:18 AM ET

I am on day 20 of my cycle and had light spotting yesturday but last night and this morning it was abit more then just spotting and was bright red. an ovulation test also confirmed ovulation on these days. and today the spotting has gone. was this ovulation bleeding? or something els... please let me know

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jill Mar 28, 2013 09:21:56 PM ET

Hi, i get ovulation spotting every month, i had some bright red spotting mixed with egg white cervical mucus and then later today i started having bad cramps verry low where my ovarys and womb are, i went to the bathroom and had more red spottting in verry fertile egg white type of cervical mucus. the cramps have bin on and off now, they are like period cramps but a little less painfull. hope this helps someone

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charlie. Mar 3, 2013 10:25:45 AM ET

So according to my calender, i should be ovulating today.woke up this morning with some very light brown spotting. i'm not going to say this is the first time it's happened. it's just the first time i've noticed. (for obvious reasons) best get busy.

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Angelique Feb 8, 2013 07:30:47 AM ET

It's been 17 since my last period, today while grocery shopping i experience some cramps but they were more in my vaginal area rather than my pelvic area. they i felt my underwear getting slightly wet. i went to the restroom and there was some light spotting. i bought a pregnancy test later in the day and it came out negative. i wonder if i should wait longer to have an other pregnancy test? anyways at night time during class i felt same thing i did during the day, this time the spotting was a little more than before.

Julia Feb 13, 2013 04:33:42 AM ET

I'm curious to know the outcome? a similar thing happened to me in december and it turned out to be a very early miscarriage. i was 18dpo when the spotting happened.

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ncfoa Nov 17, 2012 04:29:27 AM ET

Right on the 14th day after the period began, and again on the 16th day. just enough to get the panties dirty. i also noticed slight discomfort on the bottom of my back. i'm a mom of an 18 month old, and this is a first time for me. i think it might be related to forgetting to take my pills twice during the last two weeks...

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Ashley Nov 5, 2012 10:53:05 PM ET

I just experienced this today and i do believe it is ovulation spotting bc my most fertile days begin 2mrw:) i hope this is what it is since i have read this research and i will be blessed with a bundle of joy, guess we better get busy:)))) wish me luck!

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ada Sep 6, 2012 11:35:12 AM ET

I have experience ovulation spotting during my ovulation for d past two month and i was worried,until i researched online and found out its a sign of high fertility.i still dont get it.

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chinny Jul 25, 2012 09:25:49 PM ET

Went for my normal routine checkup while tryin to conceive,told i had a moderate fibroid,the next month went for an ovulation test and was told i have one mature egg on the left ovary,but when i got home i noticed i was bleeding when i had already seen my cycle for the confused

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