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Guest Jul 11, 2017 09:26:55 AM ET

I had my period on 27 june. lasted 4 days and my cycle is 31/32, on my 2nd ovulation day i started bleeding and this has never happened. what does this mean?

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LMarie May 30, 2017 03:42:47 PM ET

My ovulation dates were the 24-29 with spotting starting the 27th and a little still on the 29th. intercourse 27, 28 & 30th with still light pink spotting. has anyone become pregnant by using the spotting as an ovulation sign? did i miss my fertility window as my start date to my period was 12-13th this month and 13th last month just for some info on estimation. this is the first time i have spotted a few weeks after my period and had a miscarriage back in august. any advice is appreciated. thank you.

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Natasha May 22, 2017 07:58:01 AM ET

I have spotting on 10 day of cycle...what does it mean?

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Thapelo Apr 19, 2017 12:38:28 AM ET

Hi everyone, we have been ttc for more two years in 2016 january. i did laparoscopy surgery, they found that my tubes were not blocked. after i went to consult to my new gyna, he said i have pcos, he prescribed ino folic acid, i started using it on 16 of january 2017, my cycle wa 32 days long. now i'm confused because since february, my cycle was 26 days. since march i have spotting on day 16 just one day and on day 21 is just one day, pinkish and brownish blood smelling like old blood on a pad. i have experienced the spotting even this april. please help i really need a baby. i'm 35 years old with one child.

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Lyss Mar 19, 2017 07:36:36 PM ET

Anyone still on here?

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Leticia Jan 20, 2017 12:27:48 PM ET

Hey, on the 26th, me and my bf we were playing around only rubbed his penis on my on the 1st, had my period until on the now my breasts are becoming big,feeling nauseous,even i'm afraid and that i am pregnant. can i be?

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Guest Jan 19, 2017 05:02:29 PM ET

I've experienced some spotting pinkish/brown, however it is on the day of ovulation. has anyone experienced this???

Guest May 16, 2017 07:14:31 AM ET

Yes! my husband and i have been trying to conceive for 8 months now and this week is my ovulation week . i started spotting for the very first time during my ovulation week. i want to hope it's implantation bleeding but from what i've been reading it looks like it just may be "ovulation spotting" but it's just odd to me that that is the first time that has ever happened!! keep me updated!

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Anita Jan 19, 2017 12:06:07 PM ET

I started my period december 25th and i'm ovulating. today i went to the bathroom and wiped my self and saw some blood but not in my pad. could i be pregnant, because i really want to have a baby.

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Clara Nov 10, 2016 08:33:38 AM ET

Hi. my fiance and i have been trying to conceive, this is our 2nd month. i had ovulation pains for 2 days and i have spotted for 2 days, spotting but not much just when i pee i see some little on the tissue, i started feeling pains the day before ovulation even today. i'm 8 days past ovulation and still feeling the pain, i smell nice food and feel like throwing up. nausea in the morning but, i think it's symptoms of pregnancy. i'm confused. others say pains like period pain on your implantation days it could be a sign of pregnancy. please advise me on this.

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Nicole Oct 16, 2016 10:11:55 AM ET

Hi, i'm on birth control but, on my first week of a new pack i was very late taking them that whole week and now i am having brown discharge, little cramping, some and some nausea. one week and 3 days before my next monthly. not sure why. can someone help?

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