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What is Ovulation Spotting? Comments & Discussion | Page 3

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Cornetta Sep 1, 2016 11:34:28 AM ET

Hello everyone, i had my period on the 7th of august. it lasted 4 days as usual. 12 days later on august 23rd i spotted pinkish brown stuff, a one time occurrence. i've taken 3 pt already and all negative. i'm trying to conceive but getting frustrated reading all of these different articles. please help.

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tushti Aug 26, 2016 05:04:24 PM ET

I have been noticing pinkish spotting with transparent mucus on 14th and sometimes 15th day of my cycle , with some pain in ovaries location. is this ovulation bleeding , is it safe?

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alexis Apr 7, 2015 11:01:28 PM ET

So this is more of a question... one i've been trying to figure out myself. i am 19 years old. i have been with my finance for two years now. we do not use protection, and i am not on birth control. i have had my period on time since we have been together, except for last month when i got it a couple days early. i am now about 5-6 days after my ovulation dates, and a week before my next period. i am bleeding again. first it started out as a little bit of brown blood on my toilet paper. now on the second day, it was more red but light. i have to use a pad now but it's getting lighter. whats going on?

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Ashley H. Apr 6, 2015 03:18:32 PM ET

I need a little advice. my husband and i have been trying ttc for over a year, and i was put on provera by my obgyn four months ago to regulate my cycles. well, my cycle started on march 28th and ended april 3rd. we had unprotected sex on the 31st. yesterday, i had some pinkish spotting, and we had intercourse again. i haven't experienced spotting like this before. what could cause it? any helpful information would help. thanks!

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Lady J Mar 28, 2015 09:41:18 PM ET

My lmp was on 2/22/15. i had sex on 03/07/15. my next period is due on 3/20/15, and i spotted on and off light pink for 5 days. the test was negative so i went to hospital. should i wait until my next period to retest??

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kavitha Mar 27, 2015 08:19:39 AM ET

I had unprotected sex on 12th day. i had light spotting red with cervical mucus. we are having intercourse daily. i want to become pregnant. is it possible?

alexis Jan 28, 2017 11:16:07 AM ET

Don't have sex every day - it affects the quality of the semen. every other day is what is recommended by doctors

Guest Apr 4, 2017 04:32:23 PM ET

Yes, it's possible for you to get pregnant.

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Anna Mar 22, 2015 09:49:42 AM ET

Hi. i have had a little cramping and some brown spots on my panties tonight. i am pretty sure it’s not blood (i had my last period 2 weeks ago and my next won’t be in another 2 weeks) and it’s not poop too. i have been paranoid about pregnancy for 3 months now, scared and worried all the time, and i swear its driving me crazy. i’m 18 and i’ve had my last sexual intercourse 3 months ago. i’ve had two consecutive periods after that, but i’m still scared because some women report that they still have their periods a few months even when they’re already pregnant. i took two pregnancy tests and they both came back negative. but, i’m still very very worried and scared, and these brown spots and cramping came up tonight and i’m just really scared. please help. thank you so much.

Stephanie Mar 27, 2015 02:52:30 AM ET

You're fine and not pregnant. if you're still worried, go to the doctor or planned parenthood for a test.

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monique Mar 10, 2015 05:02:37 PM ET

I had pink spotting with pains 2 days after getting a positive opk. this has never happened before. why is this happening?

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susan paul Mar 10, 2015 11:52:05 AM ET

Hi i am 22 years old and i'm just married. on the 21st and 22nd of january, we has intercourse. my period date was late (about 5 days) that month. after my period occurred my we had sex in february. then one month, i lost my period. then after 9 days in march, i'm felt my breasts larger, back pain, early morning sickness, and night fever. we took a home pregnancy test, but it is negative. we has sex the next day, and my period came. why is this?

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Sarah Mar 5, 2015 06:22:17 AM ET

Hi everyone i came of the depo injection in april of 2014, and have been trying to conceive. for the past year, my periods were irregular and light, sometimes having 2 in a month. my last period from feb 19-24 and was at first heavy and the longest period i've had. i'm tracking when i ovulate, and now on the day that i'm most fertile, i started spotting a dark brown/red with cramps. is this ovulation spotting? if so, is it too late to keep trying? please help. a year to wait is a long time. lol

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