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Gender Prediction Myths and Old Wives Tales Comments & Discussion

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Andra Aug 9, 2018 01:51:24 AM ET

I have two boys which i wanted when predicting so i'm hoping and feeling girl this time around. let's hope my intuition continues to be right.

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Kj Jul 24, 2018 12:35:44 PM ET

Mine are 50/50 right now, equal points to boy and girl. i have 2 boys already, we're trying for a girl.

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Crystal Jun 2, 2018 04:39:57 PM ET

I'm so clueless at this point. i have a 6 year old son and lord knows i want a girl but, i'm feeling a boy.

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Keziah May 3, 2018 06:37:26 PM ET

I think it's a boy. i've had that feeling since day 1. all the predictions i've tried also claim it's a boy. i'm a few weeks from finding out scientifically. thumbs up. would love a girl too but, dad wants a boy.

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Eram Apr 15, 2018 11:36:48 PM ET

I would like to have a healthy boy or girl but, my hubby really wants a boy.

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Lungile Feb 4, 2018 09:28:33 AM ET

For now i eat salty and sour foods,but i have a sweet tooth for some foods. the smell of garlic and onions,raw cooking meat e.t.c makes me sick to my stomach. i vomit at times.

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Tiffany Nov 7, 2017 09:03:03 AM ET

I believe i'm having a girl because, with this pregnancy everything i eat has to have a sweet taste. i have a 2 year old son who is now glued to me and never has been. when i was pregnant with my son, my 2 year old niece was the same way.

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Steph Nov 5, 2017 06:29:31 AM ET

I'm only 9 weeks and the feeling of this baby is totally different. i have 6 girls and 2 boys and this pregnancy is the same as my boys. but, i've gained a lot more weight with this one already.

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slondy Oct 19, 2017 08:34:53 PM ET

I'm 28 weeks pregnant and i don't understand myself sometimes. i'm craving salty food and it doesn't happen all the time. i don't understand my belly, whether it is low or high. but, my child usually moves on my uterus, i think near the bladder because i keep on urinating frequently.. so, is it a boy or girl?

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Manda Oct 15, 2017 01:21:02 PM ET

Praying for a boy!

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