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Gender Prediction Myths and Old Wives Tales Comments & Discussion | Page 2

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Nondumiso Jan 21, 2017 05:54:39 AM ET

I love salty and sour things.. and i look so much prettier than before, but my left boob is bigger than the right one. i think it's a boy.

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Penny Jan 19, 2017 09:28:04 PM ET

I have 5 children, 2 boys and 3 girls. the heartbeat said boys for first 2 and girl with 3rd. the string test said girls with the last two. mothers intuition also said girls with last 2. only one i was positive about was the last one and i had an amniocentesis.

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Guest Dec 6, 2016 06:19:07 AM ET

I felt nauseaous all the time, morning sickness is my daily life, i feel dizzy all the time, my hubby is always harsh. anyone with idea what is the gender of the child?

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Elizabeth Nov 27, 2016 02:54:23 AM ET

I'm having a boy.. i have more percentage of a boy prediction than a girl.

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Davia Nov 24, 2016 07:22:58 PM ET

I have a strong feeling it's another girl.

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Elizabeth Aug 31, 2016 03:20:55 PM ET

I'm having all girl symptoms but i am expecting a baby boy. i crave sweets, my face is extremely broke out. i'm gaining the weight in all areas of my body especially, my waist area and i had morning sickness until i was about 20 weeks. it's still there but, not as intense. maybe these tests just don't work for me .

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Titi Justin Aug 25, 2016 07:16:40 PM ET

I think i'm having a girl, my boobs are long.

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heather` Apr 12, 2015 06:14:05 PM ET

I am pregnant with baby #4. all 3 of mine are boys. my husband and myself are praying for a girl! most of these point towards girl, but some go towards boy, so i'm not sure! i hope its a girl!

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Syra Mar 30, 2015 09:49:04 AM ET

I'm 17 weeks. i totally eat sweets, chocolate, and ice cream all day. i think it's a girl.

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Hilma Mar 16, 2015 07:05:22 PM ET

I like salty things, and i get headache. i think i'm having a boy.

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