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Heirloom Bonnet



Create a wonderful gift that the baby will use when born and also as an adult when he/she marries. (If the baby is a girl, she can carry this with her when she marries as the "something old". If the baby is a boy, he can give it to his bride to carry with her on their wedding day.)

All it takes is a pretty lace hankie and the following poem:

I'm just a little handkerchief,
Quite square as you can see.
But with a stitch or two they made,
A bonnet out of me!
I was worn home from the hospital
Or on my christening day.
Then neatly pressed and folded,
l was carefully put away.
On her wedding day a bride must have,
something new, borrowed, blue and "old".
Good Luck, good health and happiness,
It brings her, so I'm told.
Then what could be more pleasant
than to unpack little me,
To snip a stitch or two and find...
A handkerchief to carry secretly.

And if I'm worn by a boy,
He'll surely someday wed.
Then he can give his lovely bride,
The hanky he once wore on his head.

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