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Baby Making Tips: The Best Positions and Other Tips

Katlyn Joy |30, September 2011


While it may seem distinctly unromantic, when you are trying to conceive sex can become a plotted and planned encounter in order to give a couple the best odds of success. However, so many myths and partial truths are circulated about how to best ensure sex results in a positive pregnancy test.

- Conventional wisdom isn't too surprising. The missionary position, or man on top is tops for baby making purposes. It uses gravity and the angle allows good penetration.

- Supporting the woman's hips with a pillow is considered an extra step with the missionary position that may enhance a couple's chances of conceiving. The belief is that it will tilt the sperm even further up the vagina and point the guys straight at the target; the cervix. Don't however use too big a pillow or the sperm may puddle behind the cervix instead of continuing onto the real destination of the egg.

-For women with a tilted uterus, doggy-style is the preferred position. A woman on hands and knees with a man rear-entering will get the best position for sperm to penetrate.

- Woman on top positions are to be avoided as gravity will allow sperm to leak out, so avoid sitting on the man, or standing positions.

- Lay still for about 20 minutes following intercourse to allow the semen to make its journey unhindered.

- Never douche following sex. It will not force sperm up into the cervix necessarily and will alter the PH balance of your vagina and will flush out the cervical fluid which aids the sperm in their egg quest.

- Don't have a sex marathon. Many people mistakenly believe that the more the better, and while that's generally not bad advice regarding love-making, in this instance it needs to be toned down. Instead, aim for every other day sex during the fertile period around a woman's ovulation. This allows the sperm count to bounce back between sex sessions.

- Be cautious when using lubricants, or avoid all together. If you do opt for lube, check to make sure it's sperm-friendly. Many have the undesired result of killing off the swimmers.

- Avoid making sex a chore as much as possible. To do this, aim for some romance. Don't just fall into each other and do the deed as a duty. Vary the routine and even the location even if you must obey a calendar.

- Keep your man's genitals cool. Yup, avoid hot tubs, saunas and keeping the laptop on his lap. Buy him boxers instead of tight white underwear that keeps the guys too close to the body and therefore raises the temperature which lowers sperm counts.

- Aim to have fun. Sex that loses its appeal may end up causing difficulties for the man to rise to the occasion. Don't forget that you want a baby because of your loving family and wanting to expand it. Emphasis on the love in the love making is ideal.

- Do the regular healthy things. Eat well, including taking folic acid, exercise, and avoid nasty habits like smoking, drinking and of course any recreational drugs.

- Get a check up with the doctor before beginning the baby quest to get a clear bill of health and tips and advice.

- Learn to chart your basal body temperature, your cervical mucus and position and know your cycles to time sex correctly to your ovulation.

- If after 6 months you've not had any luck conceiving, see your physician again.

- Remember making a baby takes time even if you do everything right and at the right time.

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