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Baby Shower Etiquette



Who Pays for the Shower?

The person that plans and invites the guests pays and it is usually considered her gift. Often times, several people will get together and share the expenses. Potlucks are not only fun but budget-saving, as well.

Can the Hostess Provide Gift Suggestions?

Guests appreciate knowing what the baby needs or store where she is registered, so think about including a sheet with each invitation that lists this information. If the mommy is registered, the store ensures that there are no duplicates by keeping their computer lists updated as gifts are purchased. If the mommy is not registered, then include a note in the invitation that if gift ideas are wanted, (name of person and telephone number) is coordinating a list and can be contacted.

Is It Acceptable to Serve Cake and Punch Instead of a Meal?

Cake and Punch is very appropriate and makes for a shorter shower. Serving any meal is strictly up to the hostess. If food is served, plan on buffet-style and remember to provide either real dishes or sturdy papergoods because food does get heavy. If it is not a sit-down meal (restaurant or hall), remember that guests have to balance their plate, beverage and napkin on their lap.

To Invite the Daddy or Not Invite the Daddy?

Traditionally, the daddy did not attend showers but does arrive at the end of the shower to say hello to everyone, help load the gifts into the car and to take his wife home. Now-a-days, the daddy can be invited to a baby shower and couple's showers (men and women) are becoming more and more popular.

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