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Baby Shower Gift: Signature Quilt



Here is a fun decorative and useful idea for a baby shower signature quilt that will hang above the changing table and hold all the little supplies like powder, lotion, diaper pins, etc. When the baby is older - he/she can use the cute little pockets to hold their stuffed animals. 34" x 34" Wall Hanging. Designed By: Kimberly Lainson


Scraps of nine different calico or plaid prints - ranging from 1/4 yard to 1/2 yard.
1 yard backing fabric
Fuisable Web

Cutting The Fabric:

16 - 3" squares (I used black)
6 - 3"x 8-1/2" Strips - Red Plaid
6 - 3" x 8-1/2" Strips - Black Plaid
4 - 3" x 8-1/2" Strips - Blue Plaid
8 - 3" x 8-1/2" Strips - Green Plaid
9 - 8-1/2" Squares - Muslin
Backing - 1 Piece 35" x 35"


I embroidered the word GROW using needlepoint floss - 3 ply. Also embroidered the holes on the spout and the water drops, eyes, whiskers, nose and on the watering can label I embroidered:

July 18, 1999

Be sure to save the GROW square to put the baby's information like: Name, birthday, weight and length... DON'T Let anyone sign this square! Use Pigma Permanent Pens and heat set your signatures...


To make rows: Lay all pieces out before stitching. - Top row example - With right sides facing, join a red plaid with a muslin square. Add green plaid to other side then a muslin square, then green plaid, then muslin square, then red plaid. Make three rows this way except the colors will be different on second row.

To make lattice strips: With right sides facing together stitch first black square to plaid strip then a square, strip, etc. Make four rows this way - don't forget that the second row is different colors.

To join rows: With right sides facing, stitch one pieced strip to top edge of a row of blocks. Continue to join rows, separated by strips n this way.

NOTE: Be sure to press open your seams as you sew.

Pockets: Using the pattern (see Applique information) Turn 1/4" around the entire pocket. Stitch the top seam then pin to the muslin square. Stitch around both sides and bottom leaving top open. I embellished the pockets with little bunnies and added a 1/2 moon with the two little bunnies sitting on it. Be creative. I also added another row to the side and bottom to make the quilter larger.
Applique, embroider and embellish - then pin, baste, quilt and bind...

This was a big hit at the shower and also gave the Mommy-to-be a wonderful keepsake memento!

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