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Mommy Poll: The Top 5 Baby Bags

by Dianna Graveman | July 12, 2012 12:00 AM0 Comments

Baby bags (or diaper bags, as they are sometimes still called) come in many styles and colors. Some are practical and inexpensive, and some are not. The funny thing about baby bags is that it's hard to get any two mothers to agree on what makes the best bag! Most of the top sellers on Amazon are not among the top five choices on many parenting blogs.

If you are choosing a bag for yourself and your baby, carefully consider what masters most to you. Chances are, practicality and ease of use are your top priorities. Price and fashion may or may not come in third and fourth. Once you've decided which features are most important to meet your needs, you will be better prepared to shop -- staying within your price range and narrowing your search to only those bags that fit your style.

Since no two moms and no two bags are exactly alike, as you might expect, I received several different responses from moms to my question: "Which is the best baby bag on the market today?" Below I've listed five favorites. Keep in mind these may not have made the list of every mommy blogger and they may not be the top sellers in every market. But to new some moms, these bags are tops:

1. Skip Hop Studio Pronto Changing Station

Several moms said they love their "changing wallet." Try Skip Hop Studio Pronto Changing Station, which runs about .00. The bag unfolds into a changing pad. Plenty of interior pocket space holds diapers and wipes, and there is even an outside zippered pocket for personal items like money and keys. You can loop the wrist strap over your arm or stroller. Both the liner and bag can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

2. Ergobaby Changing Pad

This is another favorite, with "just enough space, but not too big." This bag is moisture resistant and has two washable liners—lots of pockets, too. Made of 100% cotton canvas with a cotton poplin lining, the fashionable bag has a shoulder strap for easy carrying. It runs about .00 at

3. The Chicco Luna Tote Diaper Bag

This diaper bag has many interior and exterior pockets, and a few really practical features like a thermal bottle chamber and a separate "messy" bag to store soiled clothes and diapers. The company advertises that its bag is PVC-free, with an ultrasafe lining and Microban® antimicrobial product protection. It retails for about .00.

4. Jujube Packabe

One mom favorite that seems to make the cut on many other lists is the Jujube Packabe. Some of the appeal of this bag is due to the features designed not just for baby, but for Mom—like a place to store baby photos, an extra long key clip, a makeup pouch, and a cell phone pocket. The three-way adjustable strap allows you to convert the Packabe from shoulder bag to backpack—a very handy feature! Like the Chicco Luna Tote, this bag has insulated bottle pockets to keep your baby's bottles either warm or cold. It even has a crumb drain, to keep the bag neat. The bag is stain resistant with antimicrobial linings, which the company says kills germs, mold, and bacteria. A little more expensive than other bags, the Jujube Packabe runs about 0. But with fun, colorful pattern names like Zany Zinnia, Shadow Waltz, Lotus Lullaby, and more, this feature-filled practical bag might be just the one for you.

5. Vera Bradley Crossbody Baby Bag

The number five spot in this poll belongs to the Vera Bradley Crossbody Baby Bag. A unique feature of this bag is the design and comfortable shoulder strap that enables a busy mom to keep her hands free to attend to other tasks or care for older children. This bag also has plenty of pockets to keep moms organized and is large enough for all the important take-along items. It includes a changing pad, is washable, and comes in a stylish pink or blue pattern. The crossbody baby bag sells for about 0.

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