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4 Million Bumbo Seats Voluntarily Recalled

Katlyn Joy |15, August 2012


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Bumbo International Trust, have recalled Bumbo Baby Seats.

The voluntary recall by the South African company includes 4 million seats in America. The seat, which is made of molded foam, has a rounded flat bottom that is 15 inches in diameter. The product has the name "Bumbo" in raised letters on the front of the seat with the image of an elephant.

The seats were part of a 2007 recall in order to provide additional warnings against using the baby seat on raised surfaces. That recall, also voluntary, affected about 1 million Bumbo seats.

Seats made in 2008 or later bear a warning label on the front of the seat about not using on raised surfaces, as well as warnings on the back of the seat.

However, since the 2007 recall, the CPSC has been aware of at least 50 incidents involving falls from the Bumbo seat on a raised surface. Of those, 19 included skull fractures.

Another 34 incidents of falls from the seat occured after the 2007 recall and were while the seat was being used on the floor or at an unknown height. Two of those incidents resulted in skull fractures, while the others ended in bumps, bruises or other minor injuries.

Consumers are advised to stop using the product immediately and order and install a free repair kit from the manufacturer. The Bumbo seat should not be returned to retailers as they do not have the repair kits and cannot assist consumers with the recall or the repairs required for safe usage.

The repair kit consists of a restraint belt with warning label and detailed instructions for installing and using the restraint belt. The seat should never be used without the belt and never on a raised surface, even when the child is restrained with the safety belt. A video is also available from Bumbo International demonstrating safe use of the seat.

Bumbo seat covers have been sold and used by some consumers, and parents and adults with Bumbo seats are urged not to use the covers as they interfere with the safety restraint belt.

The seats which were sold by retailers such as Toys R Us, Babies R Us, USA Babies, Walmart, Sears, Target, and other toys and children's retailers and online suppliers, sold for between 30 and 50 dollars.

To order the free repair kit, call (866) 898-4999 between 8 am and 5 pmCentral Time Monday through Thursday and 8 am and 12:30 pm Central Time Fridays. Consumers may also go to the website

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