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Top 5 Cloth Diapers

Katlyn Joy |15, August 2012


If you decide to go the cloth diaper route, chances are you have realized the wide variety of cloth diaper products available today.

It can be a major investment, but don't feel like you are imprisoned by an all or nothing state of mind. You can do cloth at home, and disposable when running errands, going to Grandma's or when on vacation. If you have a difficult time choosing between the most popular brands, then by an assortment and try them out before committing to any one type. Or many families have a couple different styles, and may use one for daytime and another for nighttime for instance.

1. Bum Genius One Size.

These diapers have one truly favorite feature; they will fit babies from 8 pounds up to 35 pounds. They have a unique snapping system that adjusts to your growing baby. These diapers have a pocket to contain inserts, and the inserts come in both newborn and one size. They are easily accessed, too. Bum Genius diapers come in a rainbow of shades and since they are made well and to fit such a range of sizes, you'll buy fewer diapers over time. This makes them both convenient and a good buy. They do cost at the higher range for cloth diapers, retailing for around a piece. However, if they aren't easy enough to use and size adjustable, you are much more likely to give up and return to more expensive disposables.

2. Fuzzibunz One Size.

Parents love that these cloth diapers are meant to last from homecoming from hospital to potty training. The features that set Fuzzibuns apart are the elastic around the waist and legs are removable and replaceable. The replacement elastic is even included with the diapers. The soft fleece lining is also popular with parents. This style also includes a pocket for an insert, which is especially helpfu for heavy nightime wetting.

3. Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap.

These diapers come in two different sizes. Size 1 fits 6 to 18 pounds, while size 2 is for babies and toddlers 18 to 40 pounds. This is not an all in one diaper but rather a wrap to cover a cloth diaper. You will need to choose the cloth diaper to put under the cover. However these covers are quite popular to due features such as the nice fitting leg gussets which reduce the risk of leaks. For those who appreciate the snapping ease of the other all in one diapers, but prefer not to mess with changing out pocket inserts, the Thirsties brand may be just the answer. They dry quickly and come in a wide range of colors and patterns that look good solo for those warm days.

4. Kissaluvs One Size All in One.

This one size is fits 7 to 35 pound babies and doesn't require inserts and has a unique design that allows for a washing machines agitation to cause the soaker section of the diaper to come out of the liner but not separate. This allows for a better clean and quicker dry. These have snaps and wing like flaps to adjust to your baby's size and shape. A super soft fleece stays cozy against the baby's skin. There are pockets in the back if you want or need to add additional soakers.

5. Bummies Organic Cotton Prefolds.

These are the essential diaper. You will need a cover to go with them as they are not an all in one design. Bummis make some very popular diaper covers as well. However these prefold diapers are notable for their ecofriendly nature and their super thirsty softness. Made from 100 percent certified organic cotton twill, they are unbleached and exceptionally thick and soft. They only get softer with washing and in fact you are instructed to wash them up to 5 times before allowing baby to wear them. This washing will result in up to a 25 percent shrinkage so keep that in mind.Parents love their softness and incredible durability.

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