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10 Healthy Snacks to Make with Your Toddler

Katlyn Joy |25, September 2012


Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters but if you include them from the start they are more likely to nibble and find a new favorite.

- Include your child in making choices for snacks while still in the grocery store, including vocabulary such as colors, textures, and flavors. For instance, would you rather eat these sweet red grapes or the tart green ones? Do you want crunchy crackers or chewy raisins?

- Give your little ones their own kid-sized kitchen tools to make them excited about cooking with Mom or Dad. A fun apron is a good choice, as is a stool to reach the countertop. Other options would include thicker spatulas and spoons and mixing bowls with bright colors that are also unbreakable.

- Teach proper kitchen hygiene from the beginning, such as washing your hands, keeping your food preparation area clean and placing foods in the frig when needed.

- Break snack preparation into easy steps so your child can follow at his or her own pace.

- Put together a kid cookbook with your favorite recipes. Make sure to put the recipes in plastic sleeves or cover each page with a sheet of clear Contact paper.

10 Healhy Snacks For Your Toddler

1. Fruit salad. This is a simple recipe that you can customize to your child's taste. Choose fruits that are familiar to your child such as apples and bananas, but add a new taste in each batch. For instance, you could add some kiwi or pineapple bits. Let your child use a small plastic knife to cut the bananas into chunks. Have him wash the apples and peel the oranges. Once the salad is assembled, you could top with a sprinkling of coconut or raisins.

2. Graham crackers and peanut butter icing. For this, lay out a package of graham crackers on a small plate. Take a bowl and mix a half cup of peanut butter with a tablespoon or so of milk to thin. Have your child spread the p.b. icing on the graham cracker. You can top with a few chocolate chip bits. For added fun, make them look like dominoes and count the dots.

3. Veggies and dip. Take some pre-peeled carrots and broccoli and wash. Set aside. Take some low fat cream cheese and let your child stir in some mild spices or a dip mix. Arrange the veggies on a colorful platter that is used only for special snacks.

4. Pita mini-sandwiches. Put out a selection of cheese, hummus, slices of turkey or ham, and allow your child to build her own pita sandwich.

5. Yogurt and cereal. Why buy prepared versions, when you can make your own and include your toddler's favorite types. Scoop up some vanilla yogurt (or any favorite kind) and allow your child to dip his favorite cereal in the sweet dairy snack.

6. Toasted cheese bread. Show your child how to top whole grain bread with low fat butter spread and sprinkle it with Parmesan cheese, or with pieces of American cheese. Slide into the oven and heat until bubbling and toasty.

7. Fruity smoothie. Again incorporate your child's favorites by placing some frozen vanilla yogurt in the blender and add fresh strawberries, bananas, or other choices. Let your child place the fruit in the blender, and for real fun, let him push the buttons too.

8. Fruit juice popsicles. Either buy a popsicle mold or use sticks and small paper cups. Pour the juice in , but not all the way to the top, and allow to freeze completely.

9. Pretzels and honey mustard dip. Allow your toddler to mix together some honey with a bit of mustard for a tangy dip for low salt pretzels. It's easy and fast and a better choice than chips and dips.

10. Peanut butter and apple rings. Have your child spread some peanut butter --not too thickly, on apple sections. For a different taste, bake them til just soft.

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