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Choosing Your Baby Girl's Clothing Style

Alison Wood | 9, October 2012


Most girls grow up playing with baby dolls. Each doll has its own special name, and all kinds of accessories. The dolls accompany their owner to the park, the mall and other outings.

One day, the girls grow up and put away their dolls. Soon they begin to dream of having a living, breathing baby doll of their very own one day. After lots of pickles, donuts and ice cream, a cute, dimpled baby enters the world. After the baby's measured, weighed and cleaned, the new mother begins to wonder, "Now, what are you going to wear?" Before you put that elastic waist pants, sailor outfit and matching drawstring hat on your new doll, consider these helpful tips:

- Remember, when it comes to style, comfort comes first.
These are babies discovering their new world, not adults appearing for their first job interview.

- Avoid elastic waists.
Baby's tummies tend to protrude, and elastic tends to wrap tightly around the abdomen causing uncomfortable constriction.

- Look for soft, breathable fabrics for clothes.
These work great for all seasons. Cotton is one of the best.

- Layer, layer, layer.
During chilly fall months and frigid winters, babies need extra warmth. Provide the protection they need through onesies, sweaters, hats, socks, leggings and other layering items. Buntings, or thick baby sacks, provide warmth in ice, snow and rain. These thick coverings are also quick and convenient to grab as you head out the door. Search for buntings that have an opening in the bottom so your little one can be easily strapped into the car seat. Remove any extra clothing as weather heats up.

- Reach for the outfits that facilitate diaper changes.
Look for snaps instead of buttons or zippers. Buttons can become loose and present a choking hazard. Zippers can get caught in baby's skin. If you decide to use clothing with zippers, at least ensure there is a plastic zipper guard.

- Keep those tootsies covered.
The easiest way to keep those chubby toes warm is footed pajamas. If a two-piece outfit is planned for the day, grab some coordinating socks before you head out the door.

- Protect baby's noggin.
Soft hats can provide protection for tiny heads in the sun and in the cold. Make sure the hat fits snugly, but is not too constrictive. If any red marks or band imprints appear, the fit is too tight. A constrictive hat can lead to headaches.

- Express your family's style through your little one.
Does femininity reign in your home? Don't be afraid to adorn your baby girl with a bright fuschia headband and a zebra print dress. Are sports a favorite past time of your hubby? Grab a Denver Broncos baby onesie to encourage the family team spirit.

- Consider that baby's clothes are washed frequently.
The layette you choose should have well-stitched seams. Skip the hand wash only garments, and look for machine washable duds.

- Prepare for spit-ups, accidents, and messes in your baby's future.
Scout for clothing with bright colors and patterns that conceal an unforgiving stain. Accessorize with a matching bib to catch those extra dribbles. Bibs with velcro or button snaps make clean-ups less of a hassle for mom and baby.

As this new doll has entered your life, try to remember that comfort is style for babies. Besides, what other season in life will she get the privilege to stay in jammies most of the day? Show love and affection to your little one by choosing safe, comfortable and adorable clothing for her wardrobe.

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