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8 Most Embarrassing Symptoms of Pregnancy

Katlyn Joy |15, November 2012


Sometimes you may actually feel like a beautiful glowing giver-of-life. And other times during your pregnancy... you may feel quite the opposite. Pregnancy can at times leave you feeling more like an ogre than a lady. And worst of all, you may not be prepared for some of the crazy symptoms and side-effects of pregnancy. Here's a countdown of the worst and most typical ones that no one may tell you about.

1. Pimples aplenty.
Sometimes the glow of pregnancy actually goes a bit overboard and you may experience more acne than you did in your teen years. The oil production may leave you less dewy and more greasy than fast food fries. This is thanks to the hormones of pregnancy. To combat the oil, wash with a gentle soap twice daily and don't go to sleep wearing your make up. Make sure your make up is non-comedogenic so your pores don't get clogged.

2. Sausage fingers and cankles.
You may experience some water weight and swelling like never before. Don't be surprised if you need to forgo wearing rings and bracelets and need to go up a size in your sneakers. Forget the pumps altogether until after delivering baby. Just watch your sodium intake and if you notice extreme swelling, especially bloating in the face, call your doctor. It may indicate something more serious such as pre-eclampsia or toxemia of pregnancy. That's nothing to fool with as it can be fatal to you and baby if left untreated, so be safe not sorry and call.

3. Gassiness galore.
This symptom can involve belches that rattle the windows or foul gas passing that clears the room. Digestion gets super slow during pregnancy and chances are you now eat healthier, but more gas-producing food than before. To ease symptoms, never lie down immediately after a meal and take your time eating no matter how ravenous you feel. You can ask your doctor about safe treatments for indigestion which should cut down the burps. Watch out for foods that seem to trigger the worst symptoms. Buy some air freshener, open a window and wait for it to pass.

4. A little leaking.
Remember when Grandma had to run to tinkle if she laughed or sneezed too hard? Guess what? You will be having more in common with Grandma than you'd like later in pregnancy. You may experience some leaking of urine when coughing, sneezing, laughing or sometimes just... because. This is especially annoying because you thought you'd save money at least while pregnant on those feminine products like pantiliners and pads, but with the urine leakage and the increasing discharge, you'll need them more often than before. Just keep up with the Kegel exercises and you'll do yourself a favor.

5. Crazy appetite. If you used to eat like a bird, be prepared to chow down like a Grizzly now. Usually around mid-pregnancy your appetite will reach its apex and nothing is safe. Worse yet, you may have a hankering for the craziest combinations of foods which will make you a surefire target for jokes. Just smile and know everyone wishes they could eat like you now. However, don't let pregnancy become your carte blanche card for overeating. You don't want to gain too much weight and especially not too rapidly as it can increase your odds of gestational diabetes and will be tough to lose later.

6. Super-sensitivity.
This occurs most often at the early and late points in pregnancy. You may be reduced to tears during a commercial, if someone looks at you too long or on days ending in 'y'. Thanks again, pregnancy hormones for making pregnant women look like the most unstable of individuals. Laugh at yourself, reduce stress in your life and have a person who can be a reliable sounding board. If you find it's more than sensitivity and becomes more of a deep lingering sadness, talk to your physician. You may experience depression even when pregnant and you don't want to ignore it as it may get worse as the pregnancy progresses.

7. Weird skin things.
You might grow little skin tags, get a dark mask across your face, grow a dark line from belly button to pubic area, or begin getting stretch marks. While many of these will go away after baby arrives, some others such as stretch marks may fade but will remain. Talk to your doctor about any concerns and what you can do now or later to treat such things.

8. Waddle walking.
No matter how hard you try, as you get larger and rounder, you cannot continue walking like a normal person. It's just impossible. Your center of gravity is completely off and your back is likely killing you. Give up tight shoes, heels and get a pair that is supportive roomy and stable. Traction is important as your balance is rather lacking now. Try to stand tall and have the best posture possible.

What embarrassing pregnancy symptoms have you encountered? Tell us by commenting below.

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