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Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes for Baby

Katlyn Joy |19, November 2012


Baby's first Thanksgiving is a special day, but how can you include baby in all the food fun? Keep in mind baby's age and what foods are allowed and which are prohibited but also be mindful of any allergies that run in the family as the baby may be sensitive to the same or similar foods.

For instance no cow's milk until baby is at least several months old is typically the advice of most pediatricians. Doctor may even advise waiting until the first birthday if there is a strong family history of lactose intolerance. Eggs, nuts, and berries are also in the food category that should be delayed. Never give any child under the age of 1 raw honey as it can be fatal.

When preparing foods for baby, be stingy with the seasonings. Be especially wary of over-sweetening any foods. While it may be bland for your tastes, babies are sensitive and you should realize you are in these first months, setting your child's taste buds. If you salt or add sugars to baby's foods, you are teaching his buds to reject simpler and healthier tastes. Don't ruin baby's palate before his first birthday.

If baby is getting close to age one, consider adding pinches of seasoning like ginger, nutmeg or cinnamon. Less is still definitely more however. Here are some ideas for baby's Thanksgiving plate.

If baby is about 8 or 9 months of age, you can safely offer baby some turkey meat. Take a small portion and puree it in your food processor. You can add a bit a water or even formula to smooth it. For tots around 1 or older, give a small bite of soft cooked meat.

Mashed Potatos
You can give older babies the same mashed potatoes you are eating, just pull out your child's portion before you add too many seasonings especially much salt or pepper. If your baby is on the younger side, take a small potato and boil it in water till quite tender. You can add some breast milk you have stored to the mix or formula. For older tots, you can add a bit of cheese.

Sweet Potato
Boil a sweet potato that has been peeled and cut into small slices. Puree the potato along with a few tablespoons of water and make sure no stringy sections remain before serving baby. You can sprinkle with nutmeg or cinnamon if baby is at least 8 months old.

Pumpkin Pie
If baby is close to her first birthday, you can give her a small slice of your traditional pie. For younger ones, mix some pumpkin puree with her favorite cereal, like oats or rice and some breastmilk or formula.

Holiday Dessert
Mix some baby cereal or yogurt with a combination of applesauce that is unsweetened and is not chunky style and another holiday sweet like pumpkin puree.

Let a baby that is a good eater grab ahold of an unbuttered or lightly buttered roll. Just watch to make sure baby doesn't go for it and bite off more than he can chew.

Green Beans
Skip the traditional casserole with onions and such. That's a bit much for baby, but you can puree some green beans and add a smidge of flavor in the form of a pinch of garlic powder but not garlic salt however.

Squash Soup
Create a baby friendly squash soup by cooking a small peeled carrot, a small washed and peeled apple, and a butternut squash. Boil in water and reserve the cooking liquid to puree with to make a soup. Add a little nutmeg for older tots. To make baby feel big, give him a cracker to dip in his soup.

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