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10 Must Have Pregnancy Products

Katlyn Joy |18, March 2013


When you are expecting you face a multitude of products geared to the pregnant mom. Deciding which ones are lifesavers and which are money wasters can be a drain on your time, energy and wallet so here are our picks for top pregnancy products.


1. Ingrid and Isabel Women's Maternity Everyday Bellaband.

Every woman knows that awful in-between time when your belly has outgrown your regular pants and is still not rotund enough to keep up a pair of maternity pants. These soft knit bands will cover an unbuttoned pair of jeans and keep things underwraps or hold up a pair of droopy maternity ones. They will expand through your pregnancy but still work for the equally awkward time post-delivery when nothing quite fits.

2. Lamaze Seamless Comfort Maternity Bra.

Your breasts will undergo many changes while pregnant and your need for support may include overnight hours so finding a comfortable that fits through all three trimesters is a big help. This bra is stretchy, breathable and supportive. You can wear it for sleep, daytime and even workouts.

3. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow.

Getting a good night's sleep is ultra-important while growing a baby, but it's also increasingly difficult due to back, leg and overall aches. The body pillow supports the tummy and back and is designed to help combat indigestion and heartburn. It comes with a washable, removable cover as well. After baby, you'll probably want to keep using the pillow for breastfeeding support.

4. Great Mother's Belly Butter.

While it's tough to say any cream can prevent all stretch marks, a pregnant belly can be a dry and terribly itchy belly. This all natural herbal and botanical oil salve is intended to prevent new stretch marks and help with old ones by boosting your skin's collagen and elasticity. It will also keep the itchiness at bay.

5. Compression maternity stockings.

A lot of pregnant women suffer from swelling particularly in the ankles and feet and doctor's recommend compression stockings or hosiery to help combat the puffiness. Retaining water is a pregnancy-long affair, so if you are dealing with this side effect, grab a pair of stockings and try to put your feet up at least a few times a day. Your feet will thank you.

6. Pregnancy Journal.

To keep all the prenatal notes, keepsakes such as ultrasound pics and a day by day record of what you are feeling and thinking while pregnant, consider a bound pregnancy journal. While you could create your own from a plain journal or album, there are many themed journals available to expectant mom's with ideas for entries such as what you weighed at each appointment, instructions for the doctor and letters to baby from each parent. It will be a treasured family heirloom someday.

7. Happy Mama Spray.

We've all heard about the benefits of aromatherapy, and this spray is made specifically for expectant mothers to help lift their spirits, energize them and alleviate morning sickness or plain queasy tummies. The spray contains all natural ingredients such as ginger, which is known to help nausea, citrus oils such as lime, orange and tangerine which are known to brighten moods, and other floral scents to round out the olfactory experience. The spray is safe for the whole family, but you'll probably not want to share.

8. Aquasentials Cool or Warm Gel Eye Mask.

This affordable little face mask can be a big help to expectant moms who suffer from congestion whether due to a virus or sinus problems. This can be especially important because there aren't a lot of medications available to expectant mothers which are considered totally safe during pregnancy. The mask is made a cooling gel and can be chilled or warmed depending on what your needs are.

9. Denise Austin

Fit and Firm Pregnancy DVD. From exercise guru Denise Austin, you get a DVD that can be used daily to boost your energy and build your strength to help you prevent aches and pains and also prepare you for the big ultra workout: childbirth. The DVD contains 20 minute workouts, one for the first two trimesters and one that is for the last trimester. It has a five minute prep section as well as a bonus section for post-baby workouts.

10. Rocking chair or nursery glider.

This is one piece of furniture you will get your money's worth. So choose wisely as you'll likely have it around until baby is off to college. Pick one that is comfortable, supportive and is neutral enough to work with different color and decor schemes as it may being life in the living room, move to the nursery then find its way to the family room or den in later life. You will likely find it a great help during those sleepless last trimester nights, during marathon nursing sessions, for colicky dinner times and eventually to rest in while you nervously watch the door for when your teen is late in returning home from the movies.

FTC Disclosure: Baby Corner reviews products based on popularity of a product, and is not paid to review products in exchange for payment.

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