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My Doctor Says I'm Suffering from Ptyalism? Comments & Discussion | Page 3

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ifeoma kareem Mar 23, 2015 06:51:54 PM ET

I need to stop this spitting and mugur from my throat. i need help please. i am 7 weeks and i feel terrible.

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liz Feb 19, 2015 11:58:17 PM ET

I went through hell as i suffered hyperemesis graviderum, and i'm still on it. the spitting part is something i don't wish on my worst enemy. drinking water that's not too warm, but a bit hot helps me like wise. i have a son and i earnestly pray this is a girl because i'm not doing this again. i've been in and out of the hospital due to over severe morning sickness. i look like a scare crow, and i really appreciate my husbands help. i sleep, and when i mistakenly swallow my saliva i jump out of bed like a crazy woman, and run straight to the bathroom to throw it up. i can't imagine a drop of it staying inside my stomach. i can't stand the smell of anything. please, jesus should either come right away and heal me, or fast forward time so i can have this baby. i've never seen anything like this. never! love you guys, and be safe.

Fiona Jul 28, 2015 11:29:59 AM ET

Hello liz, i feel your pain. i am going through the same symptoms, and often people feel like i am pretending or craving attention. i can't wait for this to be over.

Anna Sep 28, 2016 09:19:24 PM ET

Goodness, i feel your wrath going through this at this moment. right now i can't deal. i'm about to go insane!

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Guest Feb 13, 2015 10:04:18 PM ET

I have heard that coffee beans work perfectly to dry the spit. it might taste a little bad, but just let the beans sit sublingually.

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Guest Jan 31, 2015 10:51:21 PM ET

I'm 27 weeks and i been spitting since i was 8 weeks. when i was younger, i used to see my auntie spit. i thought that was so gross. now i can't stop spitting i even spit up mucus. like all day non-stop. when i wake, up it's worst. my doctor said there's no cure for it. i hate going places because i gross people out. i would love to go and get out, but i can't because every time i eat something i have to spit right behind it, making a loud noise to get the mucus out my throat. can anyone give me any advice on this? please, don't say gum, mint, or lemons, because i suffer with acid reflux also.

Kassie Mar 14, 2017 12:26:40 PM ET

Oh dang. well fun is my solution, i'm 6 weeks and i usually spot all thru my pregnancy. i have to chew all day everyday tho only minty gum. chips may work for you. try that. wish u luck lady.

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Guest Jan 23, 2015 04:45:10 PM ET

I am 13 weeks and 3 days, and still have excessive saliva. it makes me want to kill my self. i'm sorry for being so extreme :). i'm so frustrated. i rinse with a glass of water with a half of a teaspoon of baking soda, which helps temporarily. arg. i want to give birth now!!!!

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Milah Jan 6, 2015 04:59:48 AM ET

I've been going through this since i was 8 weeks. here i am now at 32 weeks and still spitting. my doctor has tried all types of medications, but nothing worked. the side effects were even worse. i just can't wait until it's over, and i can hold my baby girl in my arms. then i'll know it was all worth it. my spit cup freaks my whole house out, but i'm almost there... a couple more weeks to go.

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liany Dec 23, 2014 06:08:14 PM ET

I am 27 weeks and i am still spitting. i tried chewing strong mint gum and it really helped me. but, now i am so addicted to it that i can't stop chewing gum even for a minute. i spend almost 5 euros per day on this gum. i pray i complete this pregnancy in health, and also my baby is in health and peace. i wish every one who is going through this problem a speedy recovery and safe birth.

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BB Nov 21, 2014 11:49:40 PM ET

Try sucking on a slice of lemon/ lime or vitamin c. i had it, and my dad suggested sucking on vitamin c tablets. i didn't have that, so took a slice if lemon and it feels much better now. good luck!

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Holly May 29, 2014 10:22:45 PM ET

I had pytalism from around 8 weeks until recently, which i am currently 27 weeks. i had hg in the first trimester up to 17 weeks, and cut dairy out of my diet so my spit wouldn't be so thick from the excess mucus (it helped with gagging). around 23 weeks i learned that coffee really helped me produce less saliva since it is a diuretic. i make 5 cups of organic decaf with 2 tsp of coffee grounds (really weak) every morning and drink it with almond milk and sugar throughout the day. it has gotten better and better, to the point i can swallow any extra saliva now, and i only feel the need to spit when i wake up at night. hope that helps someone!

Guest Dec 4, 2014 05:05:59 AM ET

Thanks. i will definitely try that.

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Helen Mar 19, 2014 06:37:39 PM ET

Hi all. i had this all through first and second pregnancy and now with my third. i carry one of those reusable starbucks cups which you can subtly secrete into through the hole. people would occasionally ask about how much coffee i was drinking, but i would always say "ginger tea, terrible nausea!" this helped with being in public but clearly did not alleviate the symptoms. my recommendations are 1) throw up first thing to get rid of all the saliva you have swallowed during the night. it always made me feel better if i ate anything it would always come back up! 2) to minimize the mucus, cut out wheat and dairy. i now drink almond milk which creates a lot less mucus than normal milk. 3) explain to those friends closest to you. every time i have a normal cup of coffee people always joke, "are you pregnant again"?! 4) eat small meals every few hours. almonds are good for nausea. 5) drink lots of herbal teas. i find ginger, fennel, licorice and peppermint helps. 6) avoid sugary foods and fizzy drinks. i find that this causes the mucus in my throat to come up. 7) relax when being sick. this is my hardest tip as there have been many times when i have sobbed whilst being sick. but, i do find if you can try to breathe and think about letting your body expel what it needs to and just go with it, you stay calmer. 8) post birth, treat yourself to the most expensive new pillows and pillow cases you can afford and ceremoniously bin the old spit covered ones!!

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