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My Doctor Says I'm Suffering from Ptyalism? Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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Nat Aug 21, 2012 02:17:56 PM ET

Hello! i am 6 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with this excessive spit since i turned 6 weeks. i am pregnant with my second child and yes i did go through this with the first. it is in deed the excessive spit that causes the nausea. i have an appt. coming up in the 24th and will speak with my docotr about getting some meds to help me with this. i deal with people and are directly in contact with them. i have to keep a spit cup under my desk while i am at work. someone please give me hope that there is indeed a cure for this madness.

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livia Aug 14, 2012 12:02:48 PM ET

Hi,am alittle over 9wks and started noticing excess saliva about a wk ago. the funny thing is hv been throwing up since 6th wk and now i hv to deal with spitting too.hv always believed that u suffer either one,so i don't understand wots going on.this is my 2nd pregnancy and i only had to suffer thru vomitting in d first there anyone else experiencing both or is something wrong with me?

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brenda Jul 30, 2012 10:55:57 AM ET

Hi ladies i am 16wks with mi 2nd preg. i started spitting at about 8wks and still going. this is the worst symptom of preg. havent been to work for 2mnths. i sit with a bucket of water in mi living room dly waiting for the day it stops. dont remember having it with mi first.

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cleo May 23, 2012 09:02:45 AM ET

Am 20weeks pregnant.i have cattarrh and cough which makes me really uncomfortable. can i take bitter kola? is it safe for my baby?

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Zeinab Jan 14, 2012 09:00:43 AM ET

Well, i had this terrible experience during my first pregnancy. i could only have a few number of fried shrimps and ripe grape juice. salty crackers were a real temporary solution.i recommend a teaspoon of ripe grape juice every day. it helps a lot. good luck mums!

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mamma mamma Dec 15, 2011 10:31:15 PM ET

Andrea, ma i saw your comment about suction.can u please tell where to get and what kind of suction u are talking about? thanks

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Joseph Dec 14, 2011 03:50:52 AM ET

I was reading the forum.... its good to see people talking about ptyalism. but a word of carefule with what you try to cure it with. for indeed the cure can be potentially much worse than the disease. for example, i was reading on the forum, someone wanting to try pulsatilla. but after reading about it, this would be a terrible idea for a pregnant woman.

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Vendi Dec 9, 2011 04:52:49 AM ET

Hi everyone, i am adding my notes to this topic since it is hard to find people who know what we are going through. i am currently 11 weeks pregnant with #3 and suffering from the excessive saliva and constant nausea since 6.5 weeks. with baby #2 i had it from 6-16 weeks. with #1 i don't remember the spit but lots of nausea. i sleep with cloth diapers under my head and sometimes i soak through 2 a night. i carry a small plastic container with a lid and paper towels folded inside so i don't see the saliva (because that grosses me out). just like the rest of you if i swallow i will puke (and who can even think of swallowing!). in the morning i dry vomit if i don't eat something right away and sometimes saliva comes out (buildup from the night?). nothing helps and i only feel relief when i am eating but a few minutes after the spitting returns. i have tried some homeopathy...kreosotum didn't work and ipecac too, but i am going to try the pulsatilla because that seems to be better for the saliva....the nausea seems to come because of the saliva so i figure it is better to focus on the saliva. i will let you all know how it goes. i read somewhere that dairy makes it worse for some so some of you may want to try eliminating it (it didn't work for me). i want to try acupuncture and see if that helps. hang in there everyone!

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Hazel Dec 8, 2011 09:07:08 PM ET

I am 22 weeks this is my 2nd child and first time spittimg this is horrible, i have tried reglan and nothing helps. i probably go through about 10 spit cups a day. i just dont understand this.

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andrea Dec 1, 2011 03:12:23 AM ET

I strated spitting in month three of my pregnancy. it got so bad that i ended up having to buy a suction and use it every day until i delivered. i was also hospitalized for severe dehydration. my baby is now almost three months and i still have it it is a lot less but i still do can anyone respond to this that has been going through it.

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