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My Doctor Says I\'m Suffering from Ptyalism? Comments & Discussion | Page 6

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teddy Mar 15, 2011 05:44:05 PM ET

I had the spitting in my first pregnancy and i thought i was going to die. it eased up around six months. i tried the chinese plum sweet it tasted bad but it dried up things a bit. i am now in my 2nd pregnancy and spitting again so i tried eating the orange pulp by keeping it in my mouth for even an hour it helps. still hate the spitting.

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mommy Dec 4, 2010 07:43:53 PM ET

Hi i am pregnant with my second baby and the spitting is back! with my 1st pregnancy i spit the whole term. i stop spitting two days after birth, once i left the hospital the spitting was gone. i'm 18 weeks now and i still spit. i have to carry a cup. its grose but its of way of pregnancy. my baby was worth the misery for 38 weeks and i'm looking forward to this new baby. good luck to all! and you're not alone.

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not so sure Nov 24, 2010 04:49:24 AM ET

Im having this problem, it sucks so bad i have to spit some times because its so bad.. drinking fluids doesnt make it go away and at night time its the worst.. im not suree if im pregnant . i have been having soo many symptoms, i dont want to be pregnant, but if it happens i would be excited. lets just say i havent been tryin to concieve.. so im not having pregnancy brain and making myself feel like im having symptoms alot of things have been changing about me that im just noticing. boobs bigger, nausea , hiccups more often, constantly hungry but sometimes feeling too nauseous to want to look for something to eat, heartburn, excessive saliva and swallowing it makes me wanna puke,sometimes could sleep all day and other times insomnia , been more bitchy lately, constantly thirsty.. extremely thirsty lol and idk is this a strange enough symmptom to say on top of all the other symptoms im pregnant? i cant get a pt till next month and im probably right at 9 weeks if i am . i just need someone to talk to about this, any comments would help.

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ashley lynn Nov 11, 2010 06:21:23 PM ET

I have had pytalism since 11 weeks i am now 26 weeks and it still isn't going away it is so terrible no matter what i do it doesn't go away.the only time i don't spit is when i eat. my doctor told me it might last a month after giving birth. and i wanted to see if there is anyone tht has had it passed childbirth!

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Adele Layton Sep 13, 2010 04:24:16 AM ET

I have suffered with excessive saliva since week 6 i an now week 13 it's my third child and i had this with my second but i was sick with all of them , pregnancy doesn't agree with me it normally stops at week 12 but i can't see an end to this :( it makes me mad , frustrated , angry and sad . i'm a mobile hairdresser and dread going out of the house it's really depressing i have to carry a spit bottle everywhere and it drives me mad wen people say ew do you have to , well yes i do and do they really think if i did t have to then i would argh i'm a 29 year old mum of two do they really think i enjoy spitting ha , feel better now i sed that , hope we all stop soon because nobody understands if they havnt had it , good luck to all :)

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Adele layton Sep 12, 2010 03:36:54 PM ET

I have had excessive saliva since week 6 and i am now 13 week i keep praying that i will wake up one day and it will disapear along with the sickness , it makes me angry, sad and frustrated :( i hate spitting all the time and having people staring at me , i'm a mobile hairdresser and dread going out of the house , i would rather curl up in a ball and sleep until it goes away ;) :(

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jess Aug 16, 2010 06:34:58 PM ET

I too am suffering from this nasty condition along with having hg, and the mucusy stuff in my throat all the time that makes me gag and puke. i can't bring myself to carry around spit containers- the thought makes me want to puke more-so i use full size towels; i wash a full load of towels every other day. i'm taking sublingual zofran but it only minimizes my nausea, makes me drowsy, and sometimes gives me a headache. i even tried the "premabella" wrist band and it didn't do anything. i go back to work in 3 wks: teaching, how am i going to spit and teach? and how come i never heard of this before becoming pregnate-it's nowhere in any of those pregnancy books!

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ms mai Jul 25, 2010 05:08:39 PM ET

13wks preggo with 3rd n has been spitting since 6wks 3dys. didn't spit with my 1st (boy) but was severely sick with my 2nd n spitted the entire pregnancy (girl). vomiting stoppd exactly 11wks 4dys a lil nausea n bloating. just prayin spitting stops soon since i'm no longer feeling sick!!!!

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Janet Jul 16, 2010 12:07:14 PM ET

Hi, i'm italian both of my parents are from italy and i am 25 weeks pregnant and still have ptyalism. i have had this since week 7. i constantly have a glass next to me so that i can spit. i simply cannot even force myself to swallow the saliva because it makes me sooo nauseous. this is my second pregnancy. my first was a boy and the ptyalism lasted for about 12 weeks. so this time being pregnant with a girl it is much much worse. my morning sickenss in general is a lot worse as well. i am taking odansandron pills aka zofran twice a day morning and night but that just helps w/ the nausea slightly. i feel like constantly have to eat in order not to feel so nauseous..but that is only a temporary fix. i'm just worried because my slender athletic 125 lb body is already up to 152 lbs.!!! i'm gaining weight w/o a doubt but i'm still very nauseous and have the ptyalism

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Ann Chegwin Jun 21, 2010 04:41:04 PM ET

Just to say my ptyalism has gone. it lasted 12 weeks. i will keep praying for those who are still suffering with it. best wishes.

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