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My Doctor Says I\'m Suffering from Ptyalism? Comments & Discussion | Page 7

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Ann Chegwin Jun 8, 2010 03:33:06 PM ET

It is me again! it has been over 10 weeks now and i still have it. i was at my chiropodist today and we were talking generally about the condition. he said that it is known that certain conditions relate to certain races of people. he asked if ptyalism could relate to irish people, as i am irish. my two sisters also had this condition in pregnancy and they met other women in ireland who had this condition at the same time. does anybody who has written in have any irish connections. as so little is known about ptyalism i am curious to find out as much information as possible.

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Ann Chegwin May 24, 2010 06:10:49 PM ET

It is me again! another 7 weeks has passed and i still have ptyalism. it has been 8 and a half weeks now. it is driving me mad. i keep praying it will go. it is different when you have it in pregnancy in that you know you are getting a prize at the end, so as to speak. my daughter said we will have to celebrate with a bottle of champagne when i get better. can't wait!

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chris Apr 9, 2010 08:22:41 AM ET

Hello!i suffered 39 weeks and 10 days after i gave was a nitemare for me .i used to spit every minute.for 9 months ,i kept holding a patient.unfortunately there is nothing to do.

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Ann Chegwin Apr 5, 2010 04:51:37 PM ET

I have ptyalsim for over a week now. i am not pregnant and this is the second time i have had it outwith pregnancy. when i was pregnant i had it for 40 weeks without a break. when i had two other pregnancies which ended is miscarriage i had it for 15 weeks each time. i sympathise with everyone above as i agree it is the most awful condition to have. i carry my cup everywhere. work is the most difficult. i went to see a faith healer last week to see if he could help. i havent felt any improvement yet, but keep praying it will go soon. a vomiting virus 10 days ago triggered it off. thinking of you all and hope that whoever is suffering with ptyalism at the moment doesnt have to put up with it much longer. the "up" side is that i have lost 6 lbs in a week! but seriously i'd rather not have it at all.

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Mika Mar 29, 2010 11:35:33 PM ET

I am 8wks this is my 2nd pregnancy. with my fist i spit the whole pregnancy and a week after i had the baby. i also suffer from hyperememsis gravidarum, the condition is killing me. i had a pick line put in a, home nurse, gallbladder isuse,pulmonary embolism which is blood clot in lungs. all in all my child came out just fine it was just me. now that i am on my 2nd pregnancy i do want to do this again. i need a cure for this!!

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SS Mar 1, 2010 06:18:19 PM ET

I am at 19 weeks and have been going through the excessive salivation and excessive muscus situation since about 10 weeks. if i don't spit, i puke for sure. plus, i'm always clearing my throat of all of the mucus. whenever i voimt (still 6 times or more per day, i see all of the saliva and muscus in it. it's maddening and ridiculous. i have spit cups at work as if i chewed tobacco. my obgyn only says that there is nothing to be done. help? does anyone know of a cure? i have tried gum/mints/etc.

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erika Feb 26, 2010 09:13:16 PM ET

I am now 38 weeks and been spitting since 10 weeks pregnant

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MissT Feb 9, 2010 09:27:29 PM ET

I'm 16 weeks and this spitting isn't letting up. my nausea has stopped for the most part (unless i eat starchy foods). but trying to find creative ways to spit at my desk at work or while sitting with friends/family for long periods of time or at restaurants is just too much! i just hope it weens soon! and for me - swallowing it makes me puke!

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Maribel Jan 7, 2010 06:02:23 PM ET

Hugs to all you awesome moms. hang in there. the spitting will be over hopefully sooner than later. in my first pregnancy, ptyalism ended in my 1st trimester. now,in my 2nd pregnancy, at 14 weeks, i'm still salivating excessively. super distressing! has any mom had ptyalism throughout their whole pregnancy?! dr. oz: 'chewing gum, peppermint and hard candy can help'

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DJM Jan 4, 2010 11:56:38 AM ET

I am 11 weeks and am suffering from pytalism as well. i had it with my first child for most of the pregnancy. i thought i'd check to see if anyone has come up with a cure in the last 4 years. i guess not. it is rather frustraing, i too sleep with a towel and walk around with a large coffee mug with a lid. and staff meetings are such a source of anxiety. someone please help.

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