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My Doctor Says I\'m Suffering from Ptyalism? Comments & Discussion | Page 8

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Mai Nov 8, 2009 08:14:22 PM ET

I am 9 weeks pregnant with my second child and excessive saliva is one of the crazy symptoms i have. i do want to encourage all of you that it stopped at the end of the first trimester--to the day! there is hope! hang in there! i am also having excessive mucus on top of all this other fun stuff. looking forward to 2nd trimester!

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Faith Hartlage Oct 31, 2009 07:29:07 PM ET

I am 13 weeks pregnant and also am suffering with pytalism. it is amazing to me that there is no one out there with a real cure for this!i too am in front of people and have to run off and spit every minute! its completly gross!my doctor says that the condition is rare, but has no answers! so i eat often and drink and spit! its a nitemare! i can't seem to find any real helpful cure on the internet either. so i guess i'm just praying it ends soon!

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Karen Aug 24, 2009 01:02:32 AM ET

I am 13 weeks and suffer hyperememsis gravidarum accompanied by pytalism. the excess saliva makes me want to puke even more. there doesn't appear to be any cure out there. eating is a temporary distraction but that often leads to puking so i'm really stuck in a vicious cycle. someone please come up with a cure already!

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Adina Jan 26, 2009 01:09:38 PM ET

I am 13 weeks pregnant and i too suffer from this condition. it is so gross, i have to sleep with a towel! i spit so much that my throat gets dry. this is the worst symptom of pregnancy. i just hope they find a cure soon!!!

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zena spurdens Nov 23, 2004 03:38:58 PM ET

I sympathise totally i am also suffering with pytalism at 9wks is a complete nightmare i have gone through 2 boxes of kleenex a day ! i am a hairdresser and have had to drop a lot of work due to my constant excess salivation.eating and drinking eases it temporarily but i cant do this constantly.i have never heard of this condition before and i too can not bear the thought of going the remainder of my pregnancy like this! can anybody help?

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