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Kim Kardashian's Weight Gain -- Why Does Anyone Care?

Katlyn Joy |15, April 2013


Women have been getting pregnant forever, but only in fairly recent times have we had front row seats to celebrities' lives including their pregnancies and babies.

Reality television has propelled viewers from the own living rooms into the homes and lives of people who may, or may not deserve the media attention they receive. I mean, let's be honest; of the whole Kardashian household, the only one who deserves attention, the only one who has achieved anything worthy of news coverage is the one who gets the least -- Bruce Jenner. He was the most celebrated athlete of his time. Now he's scuttled into the corner so we can peep, crow and pick at what his step-daughters are doing.

The problem with the intense celebrity coverage and inane, but popular reality shows featuring people who maybe once did something worthy of fame, or perhaps only did someone worthy of fame, is that we set up completely inappropriate people with a pulpit and pedestal. Then when we tire of them, and we throw stones.

We clucked our tongues at the tragedy of paparazzi when Princess Diana died. But we buy the papers, we watch TMZ and Access Hollywood and all the fill-in-the-blank wives of wherever. If we didn't pay attention, those people would not be on TV or on magazine covers. But if we love hearing about celebrities, snatch up weekly rags that feature pregnant celebs or even more so, pictures of their new babies why then do we so delight in their mistakes, their ugly sides, their cellulite and pimples?

The latest example is Kim Kardashian. The media is having a field day with the fact that she has gained an enormous amount of weight in pregnancy. But why is she so famous? She is famous because she was friends with Paris Hilton, released a sex tape, and now is a star on a reality TV that showcases her body and her sexuality. Not exactly the image of perfect motherdom. Yet, we want to see her in full pregnancy bloom. Will her feet swell? Will she suffer from hemorrhoids or get pregnancy acne? Why does it matter?

I think it's because we buy into the b.s. We see the pictures of Heidi Klum weeks out from childbirth walking a runway as if she birthed a grape, not a baby. And it makes us feel the absolute opposite of perfect. If we love a celebrity and they seem "down to earth", we will somehow identify with them and will rejoice with their good fortune by proxy.

If we hate a celebrity, because of their haughtiness, stupidity or general lack of talent or seeming humanity, we watch even harder. Because when they stumble, when they swell, it makes us feel a bit more perfect. It's satisfying to see the high and mighty fall on their rump preferably their saggy fat rump.

The real problem is when this hate extends to our real life. If we look around our neighborhood, our workplace, our friends and we spend our energy comparing ourselves to them, or our children to theirs, we are heading off-track. Nothing good comes of comparisons and competition in parenting.

You know the women who are guilty of this. They are the ones who brag about only gaining 15 pounds, never requiring as much as a Tylenol or band-aid during labor and how their newborn slept through the night from day one.

Those women are setting themselves up on pedestals. Perhaps not ones so high as celebrities, but they are up higher and as such they become a target. We grow resentful in comparing ourselves and our giant episiotomy, wearing maternity clothes when baby was in 6 months size clothing, and how we only breastfed for three weeks. We feel we aren't measuring up, and since we can't see a way to make ourselves better, we delight in seeing those on those pedestals swan dive. Now if you enjoy watching Kourtney and Kim or celebrity wives, go ahead and indulge. But remember it's only reality TV. But, it is so far removed from reality that it's truly a misnomer.

Also remember that you need not feel better about yourself only when someone else screws up. You don't have a nanny for each child, a trainer, a nutritionist and cook on staff. You don't get to edit out imperfections in pictures, or have flattering lights follow you everywhere. You are true reality. Don't let anyone else make you feel like less because they are blessed in some ways you were not. Instead focus on your successes and get over your failures and get on with your very real life.

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