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Royal Baby Bump - Latest News

by Katlyn Joy | April 24, 2013 12:00 AM0 Comments

While the world seems ever-hungry for celebrity baby news, perhaps none is closer watched than the royal-baby-to-be. Duchess Kate Middleton and hubby Prince William have not divulged too much info for the public, and have declined to say whether they know the sex of the baby even.

However, Kate recently had a slip of the tongue that indicated the baby is a girl, although they said it was merely that; a slip of the tongue. They did however announce that the baby is due in mid-July, so all the speculation will end by that point.

The royal couple has said that they are working on names for both boys and girls and receive texts from friends daily with suggestions but have not decided on any just yet.

Some people are surprised to hear that the royal Mommy will be heading not to the palace, but to her parents' home after the birth of the baby. This is a big break with tradition, but perhaps renovations will not be completed in time for the new nursery? New moms however will sympathize as most of us appreciate help from their own moms after baby's arrival in preference to the in-laws. If your mum-in-law is queen, I'd guess that'd go double.

Middleton has endured much speculation and some criticism about her lack of weight gain during her pregnancy, even dubbing her state, "mommyrexia." However friends close to the family offer a different point of view, noting Kate's slender 5'10" frame and that her own mom, Carole Middleton, carried all three of her children the same way, barely showing until late pregnancy and not wearing maternity clothing until the final weeks of pregnancy.

Kate did definitely appear with child just this past weekend at Berkshire, England while attending National Review of Queen's Scouts at Windsor Castle. The princess wore a light green Mulberry coat to the affair and most the world seems to agree; the princess has excellent taste.

In fact, Kate Middleton was just named Vanity Fair's Best Dressed Pregnant Ladies choice for number one. The magazine stated, "At every life stage -- courtship, marriage, and now pregnancy -- her classic, insta-iconic pieces have inspired and influenced the wardrobes of sweethearts, brides, and mothers-to-be, respectively. The duchess conceals her (bare minimum of a) bump with three-quarter-length coats and short skirts that also help to draw attention to enviably still-svelte stems."

So how do pregnant princesses pass the time waiting for a royal baby, besides attending events and smiling for the paparazzi? Apparently in Kate Middleton's case, learning to knit. She was at an event at a homeless shelter when presented with a knitted teddy bear as a gift. Kate admitted she has been trying to learn to knit but is still quite bad at the craft.

No doubt she won't need to worry about getting enough booties for her little royal offspring however, should her skills not improve.

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