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Best Tips and Myths about Baby Making

Katlyn Joy |26, April 2013


Birds do it, bees do it -- but sometimes the most normal things do not occur easily. Consider the fact that for even fertile couples, sex will result in pregnancy only 20 percent of the time. So knowing the lowdown on timing, position and assorted tips can only up the odds.

Timing is Everything! You know that you need the egg and sperm to get it on. What you need to know is exactly when the best chance is for that union to happen. Start with the basics, or period 101. The average menstrual cycle is 26 to 32 days. How long is your typical cycle? For an educated guess on when ovulation occurs for you, just count on the midway point of your cycle. For instance, for someone who has 26 day cycles, day 13 is a good bet.

To get a better picture on when ovulation occurs, keep track of your basal body temperature. You will need to keep a chart of your temperature on rising, using a basal body thermometer. Do not eat, drink or even run to pee before taking this temp and record it faithfully each day. Your temp will rise slightly upon ovulation.

Kits are available at your local discount store or pharmacy which can tell you when you are about to ovulate. This is not a foolproof method either, but by paying attention to all the signs your body is giving you, your odds of getting pregnant increase.

Another area to observe may sound icky, but when you go to the bathroom pay attention to your cervical mucus. Just look at your t.p. after urinating, or be bold and just stick a finger in your vagina. Look at the mucus. Is it thick and tacky? Wet and thin? Or does it closely resemble egg-whites? The last is the most indicative of ovulation, but whenever the mucus is abundant and thin with an egg white consistence, that's your green light.

Other signs of ovulation include light spotting, a pain in your lower abdomen midway through your cycle, your cervix will be more soft and open, increased sex drive, a full abdomen, and breast tenderness.

Baby Making Timing Facts

- Sperm lives up to a few days in your body. However, the sperm needs to be in the upper part of your uterus when the egg is released from the ovary.

- Best odds for conception are immediately before ovulation, so strategize on your fertile window. The reason is while sperm are survivors, an egg only lives 12 to 24 hours.

- A good rule of thumb is for women who have 26-32 day cycles is to have sex on days 8-19.

Sex - How Much and How

This is not your fifth grade reproductive unit, so we won't cover those basics but here are some common myths about sex for conception.

You should have sex every day during your fertile window.
Sorry for all of you who would like an excuse to get busy, really busy. Actually, go for sex every other day during that fertile time period, of days 8 through 19. Give yourselves a chance to rebuild before going at it again.

You should have sex doggy-style, or missionary for best baby odds.
Actually any position should, and does, do the trick. Now standing sex or anything overly-gymnastic where the woman is fighting gravity to keep the sperm inside her probably won't yield the best odds, however. But if you like being on top, lying side by side or whatever, you should go for it.

Put your feet in the air for 30 minutes following intercourse, to help the egg and sperm meet.
Not necessary. You also don't need a platform of pillows or to lie with your knees bent.

Baby Making Truths

Mellow out for fifteen minutes following sex.
Don't get up to go to the bathroom, don't wash up but rather stay stationary. You don't need to stand on your head; just lie there and relax for a bit. The sperm only need about five minutes or so to head to the cervix and get where the real action is so this should give them plenty of time.

Find ways to lower your stress.
Baby making should be fun, but for anyone who has struggled for any time to get pregnant, or simply for those impatient couples, lowering stress while help you in your baby quest. Exercise regularly, have fun as a couple by doing and talking about things besides reproduction, and get good sleep.

Make sure your man is keeping his cool.
Bicycling, motorcycles, and keeping a cell phone in his pocket can raise the temp in his testicles which is a big fertility no-no. Other things that can raise that scrotal temp include hot tubs, tight or restrictive clothing, and keeping a laptop on his lap.

Staying close as a couple can only help you conceive.
That means not solely living as a pregnancy seeking duo. You want a baby because you love each other and want to share that love with a new little being, Keep enjoying each other and keep your communication going. If the baby making is slow going, you can seek medical help. Or you may take a little hiatus and have purely recreational sex for awhile. That may even do the trick!

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