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Short Cervix and Preterm Labor Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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hurt Aug 28, 2010 07:43:17 AM ET

I was pregnant with twin girls and went into preterm labor at 21 weeks. i found out at 20 weeks my cervix was short, so i had the rescue cerclage and 2 days later my water broke and i delivered my girls. that was the most difficult experience for me. it was ironic that i was just checked 2 weeks prior and everything was good. i still can't believe i lost my beautiful daughters, gabrielle and noel but i know with time, it gets easier. i wish everyone the best in their pregnancy.

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Andrea Aug 20, 2010 11:13:25 PM ET

Jason, i know exactly how you and your wife feel. i am 19 weeks pregnant with twin girls. the same day we found out we were having girls, we also found out that my cervix was shortening. i am on strict bedrest now. we have to stay positive and pray that god will see us through.

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Jason Aug 5, 2010 02:35:07 PM ET

We have just been diagnosed with a short cervix at 20 weeks and it is 6mm. very worried. my wife is getting the sticth tommorow but we just found out today the twins are a boy and girl so we went from great joy to major sadness and worry.

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sarh Jul 27, 2010 09:13:43 PM ET

I previously went into labour at 24 weeks my daughter weighed little over a pound but she survived and is now 6 years old,i am currently 23+6 and feel uncomfortable my babys been moving alot im not sure ifi am just paraniod because of my past experience. i am very scared my daughter was 1 in a million and what are the chance of me being that lucky again? i am so sorry to all of those of you that have gone through this and lost your children you are in my thoughts and while i pray now that my child is going to be ok i will also pray for each and every 1 of you...godbless xx

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Brit Jul 23, 2010 05:57:38 AM ET

I am now 29w2d. i was diagnosed with a short cervix at 19w5d & had a cerclage placed in the next day. my 1st child was born at 33w due to my water breaking early & no one informed me of any type of problem. he's curently 4 yrs old and doing great. only reason i found out this time

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Andy Jul 22, 2010 09:30:11 AM ET

I found i have short cervix at 30 weeks the sad things is they checked me 2 weeks prior and everything was in normal and magically everything changed for me and my baby. i was at the hospital for 2 weeks doing everything to stop progression of preterm labor, luckily now i am at home but i am extreme bed rest and on the same drug cocktail that i was on at the hospital.

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Asered Jul 12, 2010 12:48:47 AM ET

I have given birth twice prematurely. each time has been earlier. my daughter was born at 33wks 4days and my son at 28wks 1dy. i was informed of an incompetent cervix the second birth and was hospitalized on strict bedrest. although on bedrest my water still broke early... sometimes things cant be prevented but i do agree with many of the women on this site, that we should educate ourselves and not be afraid to speak up to the doctors. i am now back in the hospital at 24wks 3days with my third baby and am praying that i can carry to term on this one. i will keep everyone in my prayers. stay strong and positive. for those who have experienced a lost, know that god doesnt make mistakes.....

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Anne Jul 5, 2010 02:28:18 PM ET

I am now 31 weeks into my second pregnancy. my doctors were concerned about my cervix this time around because my first pregnancy ended in a loss when i delivered our twins at 20 weeks. so, for this pregnancy they monitored my cervix weekly from 14 weeks on. it started at 4.5 cm and at week 15 was down to 3.2. they recommended a cerclage, which was placed at 16 weeks. my cervix has stayed between 2.5 cm (at the stitch) and 3 cm. the cerclage seems to be doing it's job. i've also been on bed rest (only up for the bathroom, 3 showers a week, and my weekly doctor appointments) since i had the cerclage placed at 16 weeks. i am not taking any chances with this baby because i know how devastating the loss of a baby (or babies in my case) can be. good luck to everyone going through this. it is scary and disappointing and difficult but if i end up holding a healthy baby then it will be worth every second!!

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Sweet Female Jul 4, 2010 08:40:54 PM ET

I am 26 weeks today, i have been going to the hospital for regular checks due to abormal smears and cell removal which has damaged my cervix. i was measuring 4.5 but on monday they told me i am only 2.2cm, they did a test to se if labour was imminent, which was b egative and i was signed of work for 2 weeks. they did not tell me to take to my bed though, just not to work or lift, walk/stand for long periods. reading all of your stories you seem to have been put on bed rest with a cervix as short as mine and i am worried as i have been given no real do'd or don'ts, i don't know if i can drive etc and i am not due back at the hospital until the 13th july. i am very frustrated and scared for my baby and for myself! i feel for all of you who are going through this, it's very stressful and scary. especially as they wont give me a circlage as i'm too far along....

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JENNIFER Jul 1, 2010 12:47:13 PM ET

I'm 22wks n the doctor said my cervix is too short.i don;t really kw wat it means.but i pray my baby n i will be fine.

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