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Short Cervix and Preterm Labor Comments & Discussion | Page 8

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Mera Sep 23, 2009 02:33:27 AM ET

On sept. 8 i gave birth to a premature baby boy. i was only 22 and 7 days. he died after 30 minutes because his lungs werent mature enough and the doctors couldn't maintain the baby alive due to that. it was the hardest thing i have pass; giving birth to my child and losing him afterwards. know im confuse what caused it. when i went to the doctor they detected that a had an urinating infection. that was when i was 2 to 3 centimeter dialated with contraction. know im sore and still feel i have that infection. i call the doctor and they havent give me a call back. i dont know what is going to be next. my life has change so much in two weeks. i dont know if i still have an infection can harm me any way.

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mandi thornton Sep 6, 2009 04:57:55 PM ET

Im 30 weeks pregnant and my cervix is very thin. i have been in and out of the hospital a few times and im not contracting but my doctor is still very worried still? i got the steroids shots for the babys lungs...does this mean it could happen anytime soon?

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Jones Oct 30, 2006 11:37:19 PM ET

I am 18 weeks and two days and i was told i have a short cervix what does this mean for me to carry full term.

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ZOILA Mar 1, 2006 06:35:00 PM ET

Im 30 week now and i have short cervix and i hope i can make to the end. i ask god to take care me and the baby when i go to bed at night.

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Melissa Dec 6, 2004 04:00:41 PM ET

I was 22 1/2 weeks pregnant, had a shorten cervix and gave birth to a baby boy. i no longer have him becuase the doctor didnt do anything to help me. he knew a week before i went into labor, becuase i went to the hospital for bleeding. i went back a week later and i gave birth to a baby boy.

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