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New Dads Have Their Own Special Classes Too!

Alison Wood |27, June 2013


Women seem to get this parenting thing easily and naturally. But leave a man in a room with a crying baby and who knows what will happen? Have you ever seen the look on a man's face when he observes a new mom? Many times he is flabbergasted that she knows which cry means, "I'm hungry", "I'm cold" or "I'm sleepy".

Many new dads are afraid of the following:

  • They will hold the baby incorrectly.
  • They won't be able to make the baby happy.
  • They may drop the baby.
  • The baby will cry.
  • The baby will get sick.

These same men may have gone to one or two prepared childbirth classes that introduce soon-to-be dads to a few basic concepts. However, very little was taught on how to console a crying baby, or what to do when your baby is gassy, how to burp a baby properly etc. But there is something even better than than prepared childbirth classes--a daddy boot camp!

Boot Camp for New Dads® (aka Daddy Boot Camp>®) helps dads become confident about their parenting skills. If a dad is confident about his skills, he is more likely to take time to interact with his newborn and kids. This time of instruction from father-to-father includes men of differing ages and cultural backgrounds. Everyone can find someone with whom to relate.

The advantage of this program is that it is dad-to-dad. Who else knows best about the insecurities men have in their fathering skills than another dad who has been there and done that? This is a place where men can admit they deplore the idea of changing a diaper or have hard time thinking clearly when an infant cries. Experienced fathers can give relevant advice to help make new dads' journeys a little bit less stressful.

Boot Camp for New Dads has also packed loads of research into their "breaking in the dads" training. Many organizations have labeled Boot Camp for New Dads as an amazing way to encourage dads to take joy in their new role as father. This no-profit organization was founded in 1990. More than 300,000 men have graduated the workshop. The amount of participation exceeds almost any other program for new fathers in America. It is offered in 45 states, U.S. military bases and is also becoming available internationally.

Since 1990, Boot Camp for New Dads has been praised by many organizations. Recently the U.S. Department of Health and human Services' wrote an article entitled" The Importance of Fathers in the Healthy Development of Children". This article included Boot Camp for New Dads as a recommendation of somewhere to gain support and knowledge for fatherhood.

Boot Camp for New Dads was also featured in Stanford's Social Innovation Review in an article titled "Scaling for Impact: Strategies for Spreading Social Innovation". It declared Boot Camp for New Dads to be a model program that had a foundation which assured quality and success.

While Boot Camp for New Dads has been praised and recommended by many companies and people, the leaders still desire to move forward and improve in every area possible. They desire to reach as many dads as possible in order to create more nurturing and involved parenting. Have you checked out Boot Camp for New Dads yet?

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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