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Should You Fire The Nanny?

Alison Wood |18, August 2013


Sometimes juggling a job outside the home, housework, kids and cooking can become overwhelming. If a family is enjoying a comfortable income, many times a nanny will be sought out. However, situations may change, preferences may change and people may change. There may come a time when you fill it's necessary to fire your nanny. But, wait! This is an important decision and you need to think before you jump! Below are some reasons that are definite situations where you should fire your nanny—sweet and gray or not!

Drastic changes in income.
If you or your hubby suddenly loses your job, one of the first things to go should be extra expenses. A nanny is not absolutely necessary, especially if you or your spouse stays at home or you have a close friend or family that is willing to help out in this financial crunch. If you are happy with your nanny, but your budget cannot afford a nanny, consider helping her look for a new job as well as sending her away with a gift. Whatever you can do to make the process easier and more pleasant, do it. There may come a day when you are more financially stable and can once again afford a nanny. You want to have a good reputation among child-care providers, and just letting someone go without an explanation is not a positive for you.

Irrational behavior.
If you have ever witnessed your nanny lose her temper or become irritated quickly around your children, she needs to go. Caring for small children will always have bumps in the road and unexpected events. If your nanny cannot remain calm in these situations, she is not to be trusted. For the safety and happiness of your family, find another nanny or just choose to be your kid's caregiver.

Different families have different values. You need to ensure that your nanny respects your values. If you do not want your children viewing more than on e hour of television a day or you choose to prohibit them from certain programs, your nanny should be ready to comply with these values. If you hear her say snarky remarks and find out that she tells the children that mom and dad are not there, so they have to abide by her rules and not yours, she's needs to catch the next taxi out of town. If you want your kids to grow up with the same values you and your husband share, then you do not need a primary care-giver undermining those values.

You come home nearly every day and your house is a wreck and the kids look like orphans. You kindly acknowledge this fact to your nanny, and she just shrugs. No one has time for a lazy nanny! There are other nannies out there that take their job seriously and will have your kids and your house spic and span by the time you return home from work. No one wants to pour money into a person that sits around and does nothing all day. Consider having a pow-wow about her laziness, and give her a probation period. If she continues to be less than diligent, seek out another person to fill the nanny position in your home.

Little or no interaction.
You notice your child does not seem to care if the nanny comes or goes. Most likely, this is a sign your nanny is not interacting with your little one. If a care-giver interacts with a munchkin, a bond immediately develops. Ask your nanny what activities your little one enjoyed today and see what the response is. Make sure your nanny is aware that interaction is important to you. Suggest games and activities that are age appropriate. Sometimes a nanny just needs a little inspiration and instruction. However, if you see that even after your suggestions, very little interaction is taking place, she should be fired.

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When you employ a nanny, you should be very picky about your choice. You are trusting an individual with your most precious treasures on earth—your children! Take time to thoroughly think through the pros and cons of a nanny. You may see that the best care-giver for your treasures is none other than you!

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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littlekingdom Sep 2, 2013 08:35:56 AM ET

Good article alison. the nanny is such an important part of life and one trusts their most prized possessions with her, the kids. and absolute nothing untoward should be acceptable from a nanny. you have some great advice here that should work as a benchmark for moms.

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