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How to Deal With Pregnancy Mood Swings in Public

Alison Wood | 3, October 2013


You're belly is huge. You can't fit in your clothes. You're tired all the time. You can't sleep well. Your emotions are on a roller coaster. All these changes during pregnancy can trigger mood swings. What do you do when you experience drastic mood swings when you're in public?

Face the truth. The emotional ups and downs during pregnancy are quite normal. Most people will understand when a pregnant woman can go from giddy and happy to sobbing in just a few minutes. Anything could trigger a melt-down during your emotionally fragile days of pregnancy. Don't think you are the only one. Many women have had these mood swings and meltdowns---even in public. Though it's embarrassing, realize that it is perfectly normal for most women who sport the nine month belly bump.

Put your thoughts on pause. Many times our own thoughts send us spiraling down emotionally. Negative and worrisome thoughts will only make your mood swings worse. If possible, avoid negative thinking when out in public.

  • "I won't be a good mom."
  • "The baby is going to change my relationship with your husband."
  • "I will have health problems, or a complicated labor."
  • "We won't have enough money to provide a comfortable life for your baby."
  • "My body will never be as beautiful as it once was."

Thinking and worrying about these things will not accomplish anything except bringing about an unwanted mood swing. Think positive about this pregnancy and your little one. If these negative thoughts do sneak up on you, know that that they untrue and turn them into positive thoughts to boost yourself up. It works!

Get outside. Fresh air is some of the best medicine for many ailments---not excluding a public mood swing. Excuse yourself from the crowd and take as much time as you need. Look at the exquisite natural surroundings and soak it all in. After five or ten minutes you will probably be refreshed enough to return to the public setting and reconnect with your peers---without snapping at someone!

Re-focus. Many times our emotions can twist things and make us imagine things that are not really happening. You may glance at a woman and it seems she is giving you an odd stare. Or, maybe it seems your spouse is not talking to you as much. These tiny things can swarm your mind when before you know it you are convince that woman is out to get you and your husband is hiding something.

Before you go down that road and make emotional accusations, re-focus on what is really happening. That woman's thoughts may have been a thousand miles away and your husband may just be tired from a busy day. Assuming and imagining things will only add fire to your mood swings. Save your precious relationships by focusing on what you know is fact instead of assuming what you cannot prove or see.

Plan your outings. If you know you and your friends are planning a girl's night, then make sure you get enough rest beforehand. If you are overly tired, you are more likely to have a mood swing in public. Mood swings that result in harsh words can forever damage a friendship. Prepare ahead and make sure you are rested and at your physical best pregnancy-state before meeting up with a large group of friends.

Grab a snack. If you're out and a mood swing starts to strike, it could be from a drop in your blood sugar. Grab a small sweet snack and bring those sugar levels back up to help keep you syrupy sweet instead sour and bitter. Keep a few snacks stashed in your purse for public situations when you will not have access to food for long periods of time. A hungry pregnant woman is many times a grumpy pregnant woman.

Get away. If you are at work, choose an empty conference room or quiet corner and just rejuvenate. Breathe in deep and try to forget about stresses that may set your emotions on an obstacle course. Taking just a few minutes will calm you down and help you relax. Quietness really helps soothe the soul!

Take a break. If you're out shopping with your peeps, excuse yourself to the restroom. Freshen up, brush your hair and just enjoy some time alone. Remind yourself that shopping with friends is something you have always enjoyed---don't let your emotions ruin your fun time! Re-gain control by finding a few minutes to sort through your thoughts and re-group your mood-swing.

If you prepare for future mood swings and are equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with them, your public outings will be more peaceful---and you can still show your face around town! Don't worry, in a few months your hormones and body will become semi-normal once again and the mood swings will be less and less. If you are still concerned about your emotional roller coaster, seek out support to help you walk through this emotionally trying time.

Alison Wood is a stay-at-home mom of six and freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys raising her six children and desires to share her experiences to help other mothers.

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