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How to Save Big on Diapers and Formula

Katlyn Joy |30, October 2013


Babies and money seem to be mutually exclusive; you just can't have both. There are some non-negotiable baby care items as well. Babies are well known for eating and pooping, so formula (for those not breastfeeding) and diapers top the list of essentials. However, you can save on these must have baby items.

How to Save on Diapers

1. Consider cloth.
Estimates greatly vary on how much you may save over a typical child's diaper days, but it is definitely significant. If it's an absolute no-go for your lifestyle, no worries. Read on for disposable savings ideas. However, if you are up in the air about the cloth diaper option, talk to moms who have made the switch to see how they do it and what they recommend. Also understand that there is a steep initial investment before those big savings add up.

2. Go to the manufacturer websites.
Going on the diaper web sites such as Huggies and Pampers can reap a ton of valuable coupons. Sign up for any clubs they have available to maximize savings.

3. Watch the counts on the packages.
Some parents assume each package holds the same number of diapers, but counts can change between sizes and manufacturer. For instance, a newborn package may contain 42 diapers while a size small may have 36 diapers but cost the same amount. Don't be in such a hurry to move up to the next size merely based on baby's weight. As long as the diapers aren't leaking or popping open, they fit.

4. Join a wholesale club.
Sam's Club and Costco are the biggies in the field and the cost to join may be justified in diaper savings alone. However, another club you may not have heard of is online. Amazon Moms offers 20 percent savings on diapers, wipes and baby supplies and gives you free shipping. You can set up a regular shipping schedule too, which means no more late night rides to the store to get diapers. They often offer special deals to join such as off your first order. Additionally, they frequently have clipless coupon savings.

5. Try store brand.
Afraid of them? Don't be. Many store brands such as White Clouds from Walmart, and the Costco's Kirkland Signature brand rated highly on Consumer Reports review. Many offer satisfaction or money back, so it's not a real risk to give them a try.

6. Always check Sunday papers and online sites for diaper coupons.
Some places to start checking include,, and Do a search to locate even more sources.

7. Read the Sunday sales or circulars that come in your mail.
For more savings, combine strategies by buying diapers that are on sale that week at a particular store along with coupons you have printed online or found in the paper.

8. If you are pregnant, start buying now.
Stocking up is a wise option, as you can be assured you will use them provided you don't buy too many in the very small sizes such as newborn. Those tiny sizes are grown out of quickly.

9. When people ask what they can give you, don't hesitate to say, "Diapers!"
Sometimes people want to be sure to give you what you really need, and you will always really need diapers.

10. Check online places such as ebay or craigslist where you can find packages of diapers sometimes.
Some people have such luck, but everything will change so often you need to check back regularly for the best deals.

How to Save on Baby Formula

For formula, you should try many of the same methods such as finding coupons, signing up for clubs with manufacturers for coupons, going to the wholesale clubs, and taking all the freebies available from the hospital. Probably your best deal would be to enroll in the WIC program if you are eligible. This will give you formula vouchers and the opportunity to have your child watched for developmental and health growth and concerns.

How to Save on Baby Wipes

Again, coupons, manufacturer sites, and warehouse stores are excellent choices. However, for home use try buying some inexpensive washcloths, putting them in a tub with some baby wash and water and using these when convenient as a cost-saving method.

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