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12 Things Your Well-Planned Nursery Needs

Katlyn Joy |12, December 2013


Every expectant Mom will begin planning the layout and making a list for what is needed in the new baby's nursery. It's a fun project for every expecting mother! However, sometimes things can get a little out of hand when you visit the baby store and see all that's available. It is best to keep your nursery simple and safe, but also cozy for your baby's nighttime slumber. Here are 12 essential nursery items to help you get started, as well as four things your nursery should do without.

1. Crib.

You might not use the crib the day you bring baby home, but you will eventually, once the co-sleeper or the bassinet has been outgrown. Be cautious about accepting family heirlooms or other second-hand cribs. You need to make sure your baby's crib meets basic safety standards. Cribs purchased before December 28, 2012 do not meet the new crib safety standard implemented by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Additionally, older cribs cannot be retrofitted to be compliant with all of the new stringent safety testing.

2. Mattress.

A crib mattress needs to fit snugly in your baby's crib. Your mattress choices include innerspring and foam mattresses. Both are good choices that will last a comparable amount of time. You want to purchase a new mattress as used mattresses may have tears, be worn down and may have been compromised with bacteria, mold, or bedbugs.

3. Mattress pad.

This is a necessary item. Buy one that fits well on the mattress and you want one that's not too thick and is easy to pop in the washer frequently.

4. Crib sheets.

Keep your baby's crib simple with sheet fabrics. Using fancy crib sheets are almost always a mistake because they are known to come undone frequently. Crib sheets should fit the mattress perfectly and cover it snugly! Consider buying sheets that cover both the top and bottom of the mattress for added safety and assurance.

5. Bumper pads.

This is a tough decision to make. Thin bumper pads that allow air to flow easily are preferred because you never want baby to snuggle against something thick that could cause possible suffocation. Also, when your baby is older, you don't want her to climb on a thick bumper pad and hurtle herself to the floor. Yes, this does happen!

6. Changing pad.

You may have a changing table in your nursery, or you may use a wipe-off pad that can be placed in the crib, on the floor or wherever you find it convenient to change your baby. If you use a changing table, never ever leave baby alone for even a second and always buckle baby up.

7. Rocking chair or glider.

This is a nice item to have, but it is not a necessity. However, having a nice place to rock baby, read to baby or nurse baby without leaving the nursery is great. You'll love having something to put your feet up on, too!

8. Diaper stacker.

This is a cloth hanging device, which you can place folded clean cloth or disposable diapers in. Is it something you can't live without? Not really, but it is nice to have!

9. Wipes warmer.

If you use disposable wipes, or make your own disposable wipes, you might like a baby wipes warmer. Nothing is quite as chilly as a wet wipe on a bare rump. Just be certain to keep cords at least three feet away from baby's bed and reach.

10. Diaper pail.

If you use disposable diapers, you may like a diaper genie or device to hold smelly, dirty diapers in. Or you can just use some scented small trash bags and take them out frequently. If you use cloth diapers, you must use a diaper pail. Keep the pail away from baby's reach at all times.

11. Baby monitor.

Depending on how your home is set up, you may feel more at ease having a baby monitor so that you can hear your baby at all times. This will also prevent you from having to stay within hearing range of the nursery while your baby takes his naps.

12. Baby furniture.

A dresser is certainly a must to store all of your baby's clothing. Also, a changing table will definitely make your life easier! Whatever furniture your get, make certain the finish is non-toxic and all hardware is tightly fastened and not sticking out anywhere. Also make sure that all furniture is stable, secure, and will not fall and tip over onto your baby.

What You Don't Need

1. Pillows.

A strict no-no! Your baby could be smothered in the soft thick fabrics. Forgo the pillows unless its purpose is to soothe Mommy or Daddy's aching back or if it's to be used only while you nurse your baby.

2. Blankets.

Same deal as above; no soft extras. How to keep baby warm? Blanket sleepers! Thin blankets are also OK.

3. Toys in the crib.

Babies don't need entertainment in their sleeping space. Playtime should be elsewhere. Also, babies can stack toys to climb on and escape the crib. Toys can also pose choking or suffocation hazards.

4. Sleep positioners.

Once the American Academy of Pediatrics' Back-to-Sleep campaign began in 1994, products became available to keep baby on the back or side while sleeping. The problem with the positioners is that they pose a suffocation risk to your baby so it is not recommended to use them!

When your baby gets older and the risk of your baby suffering from SIDS has passed, feel free to add the pillow, blankets and toys to your baby's nursery. Have fun decorating your nursery! Even though you must keep it simple in the first year, be creative and use the walls! Hang toys and throws for later use. Just be sure to keep things out of your baby's reach.

We would love to see how your finished nursery photos! Show us your nursery pictures on our Facebook page!

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