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What To Expect When You're Expecting Twins! Comments & Discussion | Page 3

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Guest Dec 2, 2013 04:48:42 AM ET

I'm 27 weeks 2 days with twins g&b and my doctor told me my babies are big. i already measure at 39 weeks. my belly drops low and i get braxton hicks contractions. i already have 3 kids 8, 6, 1 and there are so many things that are different from being pregnant with them and now my twins. i'm not sure if i'm going to last until my due date which is 2/28/14, but i just want to a least make it to my baby shower on 12/7/14. i'm trying to get what i need for them in case they come early.

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Guest Nov 4, 2013 05:36:16 PM ET

Hi can you tell me what the symptoms are of preterm labor and were you on strict bed rest at home or in the hospital? i am 18 weeks pregnant with twins and feel it! i am achy, tired, feel heavy, cant walk long distances not to mention the awful 24hr sickness i have been having (think i am finally improving on the sickness). but i am very concerned about going into labor to early and really need to know the signs.. this is my first pregnancy.

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Guest Oct 8, 2013 07:10:31 PM ET

I am 5 weeks. this is my forth baby and people can tell now that i'm pregnant my belly shows to much. i'm not an overweight person so i was wondering if it could be possible to be pregnant with twins?

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rhonda Sep 23, 2013 02:32:18 AM ET

I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with twins. i found out when i was 5 weeks it was twins. i went to the dr. and he said i was 6 weeks and 4 days, i got to hear the heartbeat of both of them. it is a blessing from god and so amazing. yes i have been really tired and sometimes i get so nauseated. it is different from having a single pregnancy. i have a daughter that is 7 months and this pregnancy is way different. i go back 9-25 to the dr. and i can't wait to see my babies and how they are growing.

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Stephanie Bryant Sep 19, 2013 07:40:55 AM ET

Hello to all just had my 1st ultrasound pic 9 weeks and 2 days we have to buns in tha oven still shocked we heard the heartbeats of both babies so lookin good see you all next time proud mommy of 5.........

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guest Sep 13, 2013 05:50:50 PM ET

I'm 25 weeks with boy/girl twins! didn't have much morning sickness and i don't have any aches and pains but i have been exhausted the entire pregnancy! this is my first pregnancy and i didn't start to show until 2 weeks ago! i still fit into all my old clothes and people don't believe im pregnant, let alone with twins ! but they are both 2lbs and in the 90th percentile for height and weight so i guess every one is different. baby a is vertex and baby bbis breach so i feel alot of movement around my belly button cuz they play footsies with each other!

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Whitney Sep 4, 2013 04:50:36 AM ET

Yanti your just like me i'm a mother of 4 ... 9,7,5,2 an i just found out i'm now pregnant with twins ferturnal one but this pregnancy if very different i'm always sick day noon an night an i stay sleep

Kenisha Sep 6, 2013 04:32:44 AM ET

Hello whitney, i'am a mother of 4 as well...14,8,5,2 and i just found out im pregnant again as well. i went to the doctor and they said i must be really early because they couldn't find a heart beat. i go back to the doctor sept 10. i keep telling myself im having twins. this pregnancy is different i be getting hot flashes a lot and i had implantation bleeding. i got a positive test really early august 31st 8 days past ovulation.

Guest Oct 31, 2013 03:26:46 AM ET

You probably are. i am 12 weeks & 1 day pregnant with twins & i knew by my boobs & intuition. this is my 2nd set of twins. the others were boy & girl twins & i was fine that whole pregnancy but this one is making it to where i'm not enjoying it. i took a pregnancy test 3 days before my missed period & it was one of those new weeks estimator test said i was 5 weeks & i almost fell out because i knew that wasn't correct. turns out those test aren't accurate if having twins because you're hcg is higher & gives it a false sense of being way further along than you are.

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Vivien Dominic Aug 28, 2013 09:28:22 AM ET

Dont really know if am pregnant with twins,i am 28 weeks gone and sometimes i see two seperate bumps appear on either side of my upper abdomen and i sometimes feel movement at each corner of my abdomen at the same time.i do not know if anybody has felt something like this esp two seperate bumpa appearing on each side of my abdomen when my baby moves. can someone help me pls

guest Aug 28, 2013 07:53:43 PM ET

You are 28 weeks and don't know? go to a dr!

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V Aug 12, 2013 09:54:46 PM ET

I am 30 weeks pregnant of twins. a boy and a girl. i didn't experience any difficulty with my pregnancy until now. thanks god. i like the feeling of being spoiled all the time, the kicking of the baby's. only thing i hate until now but cant prevent it is that their are always people with kind of a negative vibe around you. maybe jealousy. but i am pretty comfortable until now. little nervous for the special day. i hope it is soon :)

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pops Jul 3, 2013 02:42:52 PM ET

Any body else find there more worried cause there peg on twins.find myself a little bit anxious..

Luvmyboys Jul 8, 2014 01:57:36 AM ET

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins. i found out at 8 weeks this is my third pregnancy. i have 2 boys, ages 10 and 8. i have a lot of worry. i am 34 and over weight. i am tired all the time, and all i want to do is eat and sleep. i am anxious and worried, and also praying for a normal pregnancy.

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