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What To Expect When You're Expecting Twins! Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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eileen Apr 15, 2013 01:52:26 PM ET

Hi all moms i'm 18 weeks pregnant my husbands family keep teing me i'm pregnant with twins my husband has a set of twins it his family like i say i'm 18weeks and i'm so big i don't get sick all the time but really tried all the time help me to find out how do y tell u haveing twins thanks all i'm from s a eileen

Brooke Apr 30, 2013 06:03:48 PM ET

Unfortunately twins come from the moms side, not the dads, but you could still be having twins it doesn't always have to run in the family either. good luck to you

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Rashika Apr 8, 2013 10:13:13 AM ET

Hi! i am 25 weeks pregnant with twins-we definately know one is a girl, the other keeps us in suspense! this is my first pregnancy and we are sooo overjoyed because this miracle occurred after 13years of marriage. i cannot wait to meet my little ones. i was lucky to have no morning sickness at all! good luck to all the moms out there.........

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jayyparr Apr 8, 2013 12:26:30 AM ET

Im 7 weeks pregnant but my gut is telling me im having twins..ive been having severe morning sickness and baby..

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anita Apr 5, 2013 05:27:36 PM ET

Ifeel desame always eaten evry mintue does it mean i will delever twins

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Tiffany Mar 25, 2013 06:48:41 AM ET

I just found out today @ my first ultrasound that i'm also having twins! this is my second pregnancy! i have a 3 & a 1/2 year old! such an exciting & nerve racking time! i currently am 10 weeks 2 days! congrats all & best of luck to each & every one of u:) i'm hoping for @ least 1 girl outta this deal! i'm kinda convinced that its 2 girls though!

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Michelle Mar 21, 2013 05:29:50 PM ET

I am 10 weeks pregnant with twins its so exciting

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Guest Mar 16, 2013 03:15:14 PM ET

I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins. i find out their sex in five days. i knew i was pregnant with twins the moment i found out i was pregnant (5 weeks) just my instinct. i have had no morning sickness at all. the first 2-3 months i was extremely tired! i had one horrible day last week where i felt so much pain i called my dr. and he instructed me to go to the hospital and get checked. it ended up being my cervix stretching but the pain was excruciating. i have gained ten pounds and my stomach is huge! i look as though i am 8 months. my portion sizes have decreased. i find myself starbing when it's time to eat, but once i get my food i can only eat a small amount. getting too full makes me feel too stiff and tight and it becomes difficult to move around. i am excited, this is my first pregnancy and i'm hoping for a boy and a girl. they are in their own sac so it's possible! congrats to all of the twin moms to be! they are a blessing and we are special children chosen from god to be appointed to have them!

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B Mar 13, 2013 03:23:37 PM ET

I just had my identical twin girls and i carried them to 38 weeks with no bed rest. they were also over 6 lbs each! it was a smooth pregnancy (including the morning sickness for 10 weeks). i always thought the morning sickness was there way of letting me know that they were okay (since i couldn't feel them kick). i remember being worried until the 32 week "safe mark" had passed. don't worry ladies, it is not as difficult as people may think. oh and with identical's... toe nail polish will be your best friend until you can tell them apart. :)

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Alena Mar 5, 2013 09:35:52 PM ET

I'm 32 weeks pregnant with fraternal twins. b/b.c. people don't believe me when i tell them. they say i only look 6 months with one. they are both 4 1/2 lbs very healthy. i've only gained 30 lbs this whole time. this is my first pregnancy. so i have nothing to compare it to but it has been a really easy pregnancy. morning sickness stopped at 11 weeks. and haven't had anything else wrong. still no stretch marks. knock on wood.

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Michelle Feb 6, 2013 08:42:25 PM ET

Hello! just found out last week that i'm having twins. the doctor wasn't able to see if they have different sacs, so i have another ultrasound in two weeks. i'm nervous and scared, this is all so new.

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