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Handmade Baby Shower Gifts To Delight The Mom-To-Be

by Katlyn Joy | May 18, 2014 12:27 PM1 Comments
Handmade Baby Shower Gifts To Delight The Mom-To-Be

Nothing says special quite like handmade. For a baby, homemade gifts crafted by a loved one's hands means heirloom. These are the gifts that become precious and are often passed down to later generations.

You don't have to be Martha Stewart to make a special handcrafted baby gift, however. Here are some deceptively easy gifts you, (yes you!), can make by yourself.

1. Baby quilt

I know what you're thinking, bags of scrap fabric, circles of busy women, and heaps of pins, needles and who knows what else? Not so fast. There are some shortcuts that still yield a one-of-a-kind gift for a newborn. Check out your local fabric or craft shop. You'll soon find material that is specially made to be cut and finished as a quilt. You can sew a fringe of contrasting fabric to the edges, or leave a self-finished edge. For added oomph, consider some simple lettering of the baby's name and birth date. You could iron on letters, sew on letters, or embroider them. Also, there are lovely fabric markers on the market that would look great as well.

2. Baby pillow

This is a similar craft to the quilt, but this is meant as a gift not as a usable pillow since those things are a no-no in baby's crib due to the risk of SIDS and suffocation. Buy a small pillow form, choose some lovely fabric to cover it and sew three edges shut. You can have a button close for the final side, or sew it shut. Before assembling, decorate the pillow with a verse, some appliqu├ęd decorations appropriate for baby and gender, and add baby's name and birth date. This will be a unique gift for baby to display.

3. A handmade cloth book for baby.

While there are some fabrics ready-made to assemble into a baby book, you can put together one yourself. Go to a craft or fabric shop and look for remnants first. Try to find a variety of textures, to make the gift a sensory experience for baby. Felts, silks, satins, tweeds, jerseys and such are a nice assortment. Have a theme, such as baby animals, shapes or ABCs. Cut out shapes or the theme topic from other material. Consider placing batting behind the cut-outs to make them puffy on the page then sew them into place. You can add zippers, buttons and such to add details that will delight toddler hands.

4. Handmade fabric blocks.

There are patterns available to make fabric blocks. These can be made to suit the baby's nursery theme, or just choose to make the letters of baby's name and string them together with some fanciful yarn or ribbon to display in baby's room.

5. Baby's first stuffed animal or doll.

Peruse fabric store patterns to find stuffed animal or doll patterns. These can be individualized so that this will be a duck or babydoll like no other. Keep in mind that too many accessories can be choking hazards, so if you use embellishments, make certain they are stitched tightly into place. Even if you don't have a sewing machine, some patterns are so simple, you may be able to use fabric glue to assemble.

6. Make a baby blanket with baby's photo.

Online photo sites and department stores offer all kinds of gifts from photos. Take baby's birth photo and have it made into a soft, special baby blanket. Pretty much zero effort, but you give a special gift that's sure to be loved.

7. Baby's photo book.

Assemble a thick heavy book that contains labeled photos of baby's family tree. Use heavy tag board and assemble the book by sewing the spine together. Take photos of relative and have them laminated or use clear contact paper. Label each relative for the baby. As baby grows, this book will be dog-eared and loved up.

8. Make a shadow box.

Purchase a simple shadow box from your local craft or hobby shop and fill with items like baby's sonogram, the hospital bracelet, the baby announcement, first photo, and the knit cap baby wore to keep warm her first hours. Paint baby's name and birth date on the wooden edge as a personalized and finishing touch.

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Liz Jun 6, 2014 09:50:55 PM ET

Great baby shower ideas! i'm having a baby shower soon and i wouldn't mind having one.

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