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Am I Pregnant or is this PMS? Comments & Discussion | Page 5

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worried Aug 16, 2014 05:16:58 AM ET

I missed my period for over a week, and when it finally came it wasn't as usual. i still have nausea and feel like vomiting after eating. my breast still itch as if i'm pms, usually i pms 3 days before period but this time it was longer and hasn't stopped, the blood is light and has no clots this time. can i be pregnant? i have major mood swings and sometimes don't even feel like talking or extremely happy at times.

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I had unprotected sex three days ago and i'm not set to get my period yet, but i'm cramping. is there a way i can be pregnant?

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DroopysGirl Aug 1, 2014 07:34:35 AM ET

Tender breasts, something that hasn't happened except with pregnancy. heartburn. overwhelming exhaustion. enhanced sense of smell (leading to all-types aversions). brainless at times. a lot of, "what did i come in here for?" a craving to eat healthy in general and take vitamins. i might add that i'm 41, have several children, my youngest is 3, and i'm not hoping i'm pregnant. it wouldn't be the absolute end of the world, but still. i also have impending period cramps. so is this an age thing or what? body's last-ditch-effort to want to conceive before it's too late??

MorticiaAddams Aug 8, 2014 10:26:51 PM ET

Hi, i just turned 38 a week ago and like you i already have few children. also like you, i'm having pregnancy symptoms. i know we're all different, but i was wondering if you found whether or not you are pregnant.

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