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Baby's Gender ~ Old Wives Tales

by Allison Hutton | 2 Comments

There are as many wives' tales concerning babies' gender, as there are babies! I know with my first pregnancy, I was completely intrigued by thesewith my second, I just didn't have time, what with throwing up for 9 months straight! However, I have scoured the Internet for some of the most curious of the wives' tales, and will share them with you now. Remember, though, these are just for fun

If you are carrying the extra weight out front, instead of all over, it's a boy (this one was true with both of mine) If the hair on your legs is not growing any faster during your pregnancy, it's a girl -- if it's growing faster than before, it's a boy (I only shaved for doctor's appointments towards the end, and could have cared less!) Boys are carried low, and girls are carried high Sleeping in a bed with your pillow to the south indicates that you will be having a girl -- to the north, a boy (no "tale" about east and westhmmmm) If your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy, you are having a boy If you refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread, you are having a girl (I refuse the heel when I am not pregnant!) If baby's dad isn't gaining weight along Mom, it will be a girlIf the maternal grandmother doesn't have gray hair (dyed or natural), you're having a girlIf you had morning sickness early in pregnancy you're having a girl (go figurewith my daughter I had morning sickness for one week -- with my son, I had it 9 months!) If you are looking particularly good during pregnancy, it must be a boy, (girls steal their mother's looks)If your breasts grow dramatically during pregnancy, it's a girl If a needle on a thread held over you belly moves from side-to-side, it will be a girl -- if it moves in circles, a boyIf your urine is a dull yellow color, you will have a girl -- if it's bright, you will have a boy (who thinks this stuff up?????)If you are craving sweets, it is a girl -- craving salty, it's a boyIf your nose hasn't changed during pregnancy, it's a girl -- if it widens, it's a boyIf you have been craving meats or cheeses, it is a boy If your baby's heart rate is below 140 beats per minute, it's a boy -- above 140, it's a girl If you must have orange juice every day, it's a girlIf you are having headaches during pregnancy, it's a boy If your belly looks like a basketball, it's a boy.If someone asks to see your hands, and you show them palm down, it's a boy; palm up, it's a girl When drinking from a mug, if you lift it by the handle, it's a boy -- if you use the body of the mug, it's a girl Compare your age at conception with the year of conception. If both are even or odd, it will be a girl -- if one is even and one is odd, it will be a boy


As you can see, there are many wives' tales predicting the sex of a baby. While they may not be true or accurate, they are fun! The only thing for sure is that you will have a babyand that's all that matters, right?


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Baby Gender ~ Old Wives Tales

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Lisa Aug 3, 2012 11:38:18 AM ET

My grandmother swears by the needle test & in 56 years, she has yet to be wrong! haha! she did it to me when i was pregnant with my first & told me i would have a boy, a girl & another boy. i thought after my 2nd i was done & just found out we're pregnant again.. so if baby #3 is a boy, her predictions are 100% correct again. she did it over my brother's palm before he even met his wife & said he would have 2 boys & a girl.. so far he has the boys..

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angel Jul 16, 2012 01:52:08 AM ET

I have tried the neddle test over my belly, it showed it was a girl. i have taken a few prego test, they all say negative. im jus wondering dose the test tell u what ur gonna have in the future or telling u that u are prego. after the test says im having a girl i did my sisters belly and it didnt move at all so im a lil confused here. can anyone help me out?

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