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Kate Middleton Suffers Severe Morning Sickness in Second Pregnancy

Katlyn Joy |24, September 2014


Even royalty cannot escape the grips of severe morning sickness, it seems. Kate Middleton suffered from this debilitating condition while pregnant with Prince George and like many who have a history of the condition, she is now experiencing it with her second pregnancy.

Following her doctor's advice, Kate had to cancel her upcoming trip to Malta. It was to be her overseas solo appearance, to celebrate the country's 50th anniversary of independence from Great Britain. Instead, her husband, Prince William attended the event and jokingly apologized to the crowd,"I'm sorry you've got me instead of Catherine."

In reporting her condition, William stated simply that the Duchess was,"So-so." She is being treated at Kensington Palace for severe morning sickness. Some have even entertained the notion that she could be carrying twins. The reason for this speculation is that twin pregnancies often create more serious bouts of nausea and sickness in pregnancy. Double the babies, double the symptoms, if you will.

Hyperemesis gravidarum is not a mere more intense form of morning sickness. This condition only affects about 3 percent of pregnant women. Of those, the situation is so serious that approximately 15 percent will terminate the pregnancy, and some will lose the pregnancies due to the severity of the condition.

According to the National Institutes of Health, nausea and vomiting occur in pregnancy most likely due to the rapid onset of the hormone HcG or human chorionic gonadotropin. Extreme vomiting and nausea are often linked to complications such as multiples or a hydatidform mole.


How can you tell nasty morning sickness from true hyperemesis gravidarum?

With HG you will:

  • Lose a significant amount of weight. Perhaps over 5 percent of your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • You will be unable to eat much of anything at all, and might become dehydrated.
  • You may vomit nearly constantly, or at least feel like it.
  • You may vomit bile or blood.
  • While your symptoms may lessen in mid-pregnancy, many with HG will continue to experience some nausea and vomiting throughout their pregnancies.
  • You might vomit so violently that you may injure yourself, such as breaking a rib, blowing eardrums, detaching retinas and tearing of the esophagus.

Risks of Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Besides a risk of dehydration, and possible miscarriage there are other risks associated with HG. It can cause preterm labor and low birthweight, and some children born of such a pregnancy have learning or attention problems later in childhood. One study even pointed to HG being a factor in an increase of emotional and behavioral disorders in adults.

What to Do if You Suspect You Have Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Experts recommend you don't delay contacting your physician, because if you wait, you may be unable to keep down medication that may help you. Also, according to the NIH,"With proper identification of symptoms and careful follow-up, serious complications for the baby or mother are rare."

Medications have far lower risks than the risk of severe types of morning sickness, and have a safe profile. If early bouts of bad morning sickness are promptly treated, it may head off a case of hyperemesis gravidarum.

The NIH also recommends the following home treatments for morning sickness:

  • Eat light simple items like dry toast or crackers.
  • Eat small frequent meals or snacks.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. When your symptoms are lighter, push more fluids. You can try sparkling water, ginger ale or seltzer water.
  • Take up to 600 mg. of vitamin B6, which has been shown to be helpful in warding off nausea in pregnancy.

Medical Treatment for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Most often a doctor will prescribe anti-nausea medication. If that is not successful, you may need to be hospitalized and given IV fluids, or in extreme cases, tube feedings. Women are often put on bedrest with this condition.

Remember, having morning sickness appears to be a sign of a healthy pregnancy. Should yours seems to be progressing beyond normal levels of nausea, seek medical attention to minimize the extent of the illness.

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