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Sex Drive During Pregnancy

Allison Hutton


If you ask a pregnant woman about her sex drive during pregnancy, you may be surprised to hear that she wanted sex more while she was pregnant. To many women, sex feels more pleasurable, and they feel their pregnant bodies are beautiful and sexy.

There are also many women who have no sex drive at all during pregnancy. While the overflow of female hormones runs rampant during pregnancy, it's anyone's guess as to how they will affect the sex drive. Some women are concerned for the safety of their unborn baby, and feel that sexual intercourse may somehow harm their child. Other women are simply exhausted from tending to other children, and sex is the last thing on their mind.

As the partner of a pregnant woman, listen to her cues (both verbal and emotional). Be prepared for sudden changes in sex drive, and most importantly, be understanding.

Pregnancy is a confusing, emotional time for all involved. Talk over your issues with your partner and healthcare provider. Also try to remember that there is no right or wrong way to feel. If you feel that a lack of sex drive may be due to depression however, be sure to discuss this with your healthcare provider.

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