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What activities can I still do now that I'm Pregnant?

by Anne Sommers, Licensed Midwife | 1 Comments

Q I just found out I am pregnant this morning. I wonder if I can still vacuum the house and rollerblade while pregnant.

A The standard rule is that you can do (almost) anything after you get pregnant that you did before you got pregnant. Vacuuming, though stenuous on your back, will not hurt the baby. Rollerblading as long as you take the safety measures available and you were doing it prior to your pregnancy is great exercise. As you move along in your pregnancy, your stability changes because of your increasing girth and you should be more careful.

Best wishes
Anne Sommers

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Anne Sommers, LM is a Licensed Midwife in Southern California and founder of Agape Perinatal Consultation & Birthing Services. Anne has attended and personally delivered hundreds of beautiful bouncing babies in some very wonderful and natural settings -- like in the water! She has appeared on various Southern California radio and cable television shows, talked to birth organizations, was editor for several child birth publications and was the owner, editor and publisher of "Mom" Magazine, a quarterly publication in circulation for over seven years. She completed Seattle Midwifery School's Challenge Process and the NARM exam (supervised by the California Medical Board) qualifying her for midwifery licensure. Anne actually made history as noted in the Orange County Register for being one of Southern California's first Licensed Midwives. She is also the mother of two children, born at home, with the attendance of midwives. The Baby Corner The Baby Corner - The Magazine for Expecting & New Parents

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Carley Apr 4, 2012 02:23:27 PM ET

I love your question. you hear so much garbage about what you're not allowed to do because you will kill your baby, and so much of it is crap! i work out, lift weights, walk, swim, and bike pregnant. the more i do, the more human i feel. one preg book actually said "you don't want to have the guilt of causing a miscarriage from your own selfishness of working out, do you?" i threw it away!

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